Are you having a hard time digitizing, managing and searching for office documents like contracts and invoices?

Since digitizing, managing and searching for paper documents are time-consuming, are you giving up digitization because of the following reasons: multiple files with the same name are created because a rule of renaming files is not fixed, a digitized file is sent to a wrong folder, a needed file can’t be searched correctly, the systemization costs a lot, etc. Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix Office (DPO) absolutely can solve your problems with a simple and low cost operation. DPO is equipped with the co-operative connectors including DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Sharepoint and Box, and provides you with a low cost, user-friendly digitization of office documents by combining various kinds of process functions like OCR, rename, file transfer, etc. We will look forward to having an opportunity to talk about the office documents digitization with you.

Streamline your Document Workflow

Speed, flexibility and simplicity are the top priorities for users to manage the increasing documentation. Time constraint and the increasing workload require more user friendly document workflow to enable users to focus on the important roles rather than the manual administrative documentation.

Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix Office (DPO) is an essential tool to support users from converting documents into the required format, schedule network-intensive processes after hours, and automating most time-consuming task to eliminate the need for manual intervention.

This powerful capture solution enables you to scan, index, and route documents from the MFP panel, using database lookups and field auto-population for quick and easy indexing. You can even browse through your PC’s folder structure at the MFP to store your documents. With its flexible architecture, DPO can easily be expanded as business needs change and handle various document processing needs with ease.

Be at the forefront of building digital capabilities and empower your business to streamline the digital workflow and utilise ever-expanding content in the organisation with DPO.


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Dispatcher Phoenix User Examples


As a Leading company in Financial Services Provider Industry, the client offers products and solutions in insurance and asset management to over 83 million customers worldwide. The Client is looking for a solution that could help them transit seamlessly into a paper-less future. Konica Minolta proposed a complete solution, Dispatcher Phoenix, to automate workflow for easy retrieval of documents while enhancing document security in the organisation.

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The Leading company in Oil Refinery Industry, the client, has evolved to meet the challenges of the dynamic markets and today, they are the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines, supplying nearly 40% of the country’s oil requirements. With the implementation of Dispatcher Phoenix & Office Assistant, the Client managed to address the challenges by implementing Batch scanning & Indexing by using Dispatcher Phoenix & Office Assistant. Now, all the documents are organised in a standard way across all the main folders and sub-folders making it easy for adjusters to search and retrieve any information that is required.

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Iret, one of the leading partners of Amazon Web Services in Japan, was seeking ways to levelize storing operations of sensitive paper documents including personal information, to improve security, and to deal with the compliance policy. Implementing Dispatcher Phoenix enabled Levelizing the workflow digitization, redacting confidential information automatically, and tracing digitization histories and it supported achieving habitualization of scanning tasks, security enhancement, and compliance.

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Gree, one of the representatives of Japanese gaming companies, spent lots of energy on digitizing and searching for contracts created every day and their pressing issue was to go through these steps more efficiently. They were actually box heavy users so also had a desire to promote the contracts digitization using box. Implementing Dispatcher Phoenix has successfully reduced labor-hours by 70% for the contracts digitization. More, applying OCR processes on scanned contracts brought efficient searches on box.

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Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment, a franchised dealership of Peterbilt Motors Company (America‘s premium quality truck manufacturer), had difficulties handling digitization, management, issuing of a large amount of invoices created everyday, based on their customers needs. They also wished to achieve cooperation with OnBase, an ECM system that manages invoices.

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