3 Reasons Why Outsourced IT Support will benefit SMEs

3 Reasons Why Outsourced IT Support will benefit SMEs

Let’s face it, why do you want to pile on unnecessary business operation costs in having a permanent IT department in your company? The demand for IT services doesn’t justify an entire department, let alone a single staff dedicated to the issue. For the majority of SME businesses, what matters most is that you will be able to get your IT problems solved in a timely and professional manner so that business operations can continue smoothly.

So here are 3 reasons why you don’t need to splurge big bucks maintaining an IT department for your SME:


Reason No.1: Is your IT Department burning a hole in your pocket?

Do you really have to pay for an entire department or an IT support staff to avoid the infrequent headache of having your drivers updated or antivirus installed? Did you know, an average IT support staff will cost you a whopping RM30,000 per year just for support with your IT infrastructure? The difference between having to pay for a stationary, full time IT staff versus an on-demand IT support service is significant. So the real question is, do you really need an IT department when a pay-as-you-go outsourced IT support can do the job just as efficiently and cheaper to boot? The answer for most SME’s is obviously the latter. The cost to benefit considerations that come from having an outsourced IT support is often more affordable. About 45% of companies outsourcing IT functions say that their information technology outsource projects are meant to save money. It makes complete business sense as IT support is not required as a permanent fixture of your internal company structure when you are still growing your business or maintaining an existing one. On top of that, IT talent is a constantly revolving door, with plenty of companies hiring fresh graduates to handle their IT support as senior talent look for better-paying opportunities elsewhere making it hard for SMEs to retain a full-time IT support.


Reason No.2: Is your IT Department updated with the latest updates?

In the ever-changing world of technology today, being updated with the latest digital security systems is a must. Cybersecurity remains one of the biggest challenges amongst SMEs in Malaysia. In fact, 66% of businesses attacked by hackers were not confident they could recover. For most SME’s IT department, waiting for a problem to occur might be the most mundane thing you’re paying them to do. IT staffs are not necessarily motivated to continually update themselves on how to become better IT professionals as they are comfortable sitting at the cubicle or desk playing games. So what happens should your desktop get hijacked by a Bitcoin malware demanding exorbitant sums to unlock your computer?

Outsourcing your IT problems can help solve this problem as professional IT support services rely on experienced IT technicians with decades of experience and are continually updating themselves to solve future problems. Most importantly, with experience comes a broader knowledge spectrum that allows such technicians to solve a more significant number of old and new issues that might happen from new updates, malicious software or negligence. So you’ll always get an IT expert who is knowledgeable and up-to-date at your service to solve your problem. In a study done by Deloitte in 2018, 28% of companies cite gaining access to expert talent and knowledge as the reason for IT outsourcing.


Reason No.3: Can your IT department rival services of competitors or bigger players?

Let’s face it. Cost control is one of the biggest concerns of SMEs. Most small businesses can’t afford to match the in-house support services that larger companies maintain. Outsourcing your IT can help your company be a “bigger” player by giving your company access to technologies used by bigger companies while enjoying support and expertise like bigger corporations. If your business is still growing and building, it is indeed challenging to get the IT support services that bigger corporations have built over time. A good outsourcing company will ensure that you get the same services and technology that the big businesses are enjoying thereby giving you a competitive advantage in the market. In a research by Forbes, 49% of businesses cite, ‘freeing up resources to focus on core business’ as the reason to outsource their IT support. Taking away the need to maintain IT infrastructure in-house will allow your staff to engage your resources in research, development and initiation of new ideas, directly increasing your competitiveness and expertise in your industry. This is because they will be freeing the valuable time you would have wasted doing what they would be doing for your business.



The Right Solution

For most SME’s, it is the lack of awareness that IT support can be outsourced to a reliable 3rd party that costs significantly less for better support. At the end of the day, everything boils down to the right solution that fits your business. While some business owners value having someone in the office who can look into the problem immediately, others value the cost that comes along with having such conveniences and whether there is a smarter way around it. If your business or someone you know has a redundant IT department that is costing money and not contributing efficiently to your business, perhaps it’s time to consider outsourcing your IT support to professional nationwide IT support and solutions companies such as Konica Minolta. After all, the right solution is the best solution for your business.

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