Our philosophy is to articulate the ideas that is shared by over 40,000 members worldwide.

  • “The Creation of New Value” – This is the reason we exist.
  • Our 6 Values – Essence of our innermost beliefs.
  • Our Vision – Articulates where we are heading in the future.
  • Our Brand Proposition “Giving Shape to Ideas” – Our pledge to our customers.

Konica Minolta is committed to our philosophy to benefit both our customers and society at large.

Creation of New Value

Through innovation which only Konica Minolta can provide, we create value and share it with society for the betterment of people’s lives today and for the generations to come.


6 Values

Our 6 Values are the essence of our innermost beliefs, our inherited DNA, and define how we go about our business and act towards all our partners. They articulate what we stand for and direct our decision making.


Our Vision

A global company that is vital to society

Possessing a mindset that drives us to best serve and improve the quality of society in all our activities, we are determined to become a company that is vital to global society by providing excitement that exceeds the expectations of all.

An innovative company that is robust and constantly evolving

We are committed to becoming an innovative company that stands tall in difficult times with a solid and quality business base, ensuring we remain courageous to provide new value in the face of any challenge.


Brand Proposition

Giving Shape to Ideas

It is our pledge to bring the ideas of customers and society to life through innovation and contribute to the creation of a high quality society.