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The Future of Automated IoT Factories

Industry 4.0 technology for digital transformation has traditionally required considerable investment, making it the preserve of major manufacturers. Now that’s changing, with the development of affordable technology solutions like video analytics for quality inspection. Such solutions are helping to level the playing field, allowing smaller companies to take advantage of efficiency improvements and related benefits.

Rethink Digital Transformation with Electronic Signatures

Document digitisation is a core part of any organisation’s digital transformation agenda. It’s a trend that was accelerated by the pandemic, as organisations hurried to migrate from paper-based to scanned and electronic files and documents, so that people working from home could more easily access and share information, and collaborate on documents.

Rising Demand for Label Sticker Printing In Asia

Earlier this year, Konica Minolta celebrated a major milestone with the 1,000th AccurioLabel press installation near Lyon, France. This came just two years after the installation of the 500th AccurioLabel press machine, which indicates that the market for label stickers continues to be red hot. Thanks to our customers who rely on our cutting-edge printing technology, Konica Minolta now has 33% of the market share for label printers worldwide.

Streamline High Volume Printing with AccurioPro Flux

Professional printers know that the ability to organise and manage your workflow is the key to success, when delivering high volume printing services. Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro Flux is a professional make-ready software that helps you to efficiently manage and automate your digital printing workflow.

See the Potential with AccurioJet KM-1e and AccurioShine 3600

At Konica Minolta, we believe in continuous creation of new value. Our ever-growing line-up of innovative industrial printing solutions is testament to that belief, with each addition to our printer range designed for quality, precision, ease of use, versatility and — most importantly — productivity and meaningful value.

According to Our Clients: The Best Office Printers & Beyond

Every business is different, owing to their scale of operations and the type of services they provide. That’s why Konica Minolta specialises in a range of printers catering to the needs of businesses across the board.

Improve Production Printing Versatility with AccurioPress C7100

The AccurioPress C7100 has a duty cycle of up to 1.8 million prints, and is able to handle up to 100 A4 colour pages per minute or up to 53 SRA3 colour pages per minute.

The Future of Printing with bizhub i-Series

Even in this digital age we are now living in, office printers are still essential to the daily functioning, success, and growth of your business.

Rethink Digital Label Printing with Konica Minolta

We are constantly surrounded by labels in our everyday lives – from the packaged food we buy at the supermarket to the greeting cards we send out to loved ones on special holidays. Labels are an important way for businesses and brands to not only convey key information and messages to a consumer, but to build up and emphasise their own unique brand identity.

Rethink Automation with Autonomous Mobile Robots

As technology continues to advance rapidly through the 21st Century, the use of unmanned vehicles for business operations has led to the increasing popularity of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) across many industries. This is because the AMR fleet is able to identify, grab and move objects from one location to another (within the warehouse) while avoiding obstacles in their path, thus eliminating the need for the manual moving of stocks or goods.

Simplifying Work with the bizhub i-Series Colour Multi-Function Printers

Transform your workplace into a smart office with a productive, efficient, and high-performing multi-function printer at the centre of your operations. Combining sustainability and award-winning performance, the bizhub i-Series is the total printing solution for organisations around the globe.

Enhance the Value of Greeting Cards & Gift Cards with Embellishments

Embellishments instantly elevate the look and feel of your customer’s product and contribute towards a more premium, high-class brand image.

Redefine Managed IT Services with Workplace Hub and KOMI Doc

Organisations can bid farewell to IT challenges with Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub. This comprehensive workplace IT solution encompasses next-generation hardware and software, paired with a full suite of IT infrastructure management services.

Elevate Office Printing with bizhub i-Series

It goes without saying that to optimise productivity, businesses need to tap on intelligent multifunction peripherals (MFPs) that deliver consistent quality and reliability — and that is exactly what Konica Minolta’s industry-leading bizhub i-Series offers in droves.

Rethink your Business with Konica Minolta Smart Monitoring Solutions

Smart monitoring technologies stand to help businesses across all industries and sectors boost productivity. By automating routine tasks using Internet of Things (IoT) compatible devices, companies can free up manpower and redeploy workers to other areas where their expertise can be best put to use.