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For the second consecutive year running, Konica Minolta has achieved No. 1 market share in the Colour Light and Mid Digital Production Printers segment, highlighting its continued commitment to unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Overcoming Perceived Barriers of Automation with AMRs

With the rapid progression of industrial robotic technologies and the growing interest in robotics in various industries acting as driving forces, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) have been making their mark in a long list of industrial applications. Add to that the challenges businesses had to face in terms of labour shortages and a standstill in the movement of goods in and out of warehouses due to the pandemic, and the boom in the implementation of AMRs into an operating environment seems like a practical step.

Improve Efficiency with Autonomous Mobile Robots

With the rapid development of technology in the past decade, technology has changed the way many workplaces operate. Through digital transformation, we have seen an increase in the digitalization and automation of numerous business processes in industrial applications and the undisputable involvement of technology in our daily work. Employees are also pushed to learn how to operate advanced, smart systems to drive up workplace efficiency.

Implementing Sustainable Print Methods in the Workplace

Implementing Sustainable Print Methods in the Workplace With the threat of climate change looming larger every day, it’s high time we rethink our approach towards common office procedures, particularly printing. While the digitisation wave is growing, the reality is that printing still forms an integral part of many businesses worldwide.

Print Workflow Automation: Simplify Pre-Press Work with the AccurioPro Flux

Are you exhausted from dedicating countless hours to manage your pre-press workflow? Pre-press tasks require significant amount of effort, including but not limited to job management, file preparation, imposition, proofing and printing. AccurioPro Flux is a revolutionary solution that changes the way we think on how we make prints. Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro Flux software is designed to liberate graphic art users and prepress operators from the tedious pre-press stages, allowing them to focus on more exciting creative processes. With its built-in job management support, state-of-the-art pre-press features, advanced preflight tools, pre-build imposition schemes, easy to use VDP functions with 2D barcode support for personalised printing, as well as the automation and enhanced integration capabilities, operators can finally say goodbye to pre-press strain.

Collaboration in the Remote Working Era

Collaboration in the Remote Working Era The world has changed drastically in the post-pandemic times, so too has the way that we work. Businesses across the board have made tremendous leaps to shift to remote working models. As a result, new technologies and digital solutions need to be implemented in order to ensure that collaboration between teams remains productive and efficient.

Differentiate your Prints with Inline Finishing

Increase your Profit Margins Providing inline finishing capabilities lets you increase your profit margins on print jobs, whilst at the same time shortening your own production times, reducing labour costs, improving quality control, cutting back on waste and saving energy. Traditionally viewed as an afterthought and production bottleneck, finishing is now being viewed as a critical stage in production and a way to differentiate products and create added value. It is not unusual for finishing to generate as much as 40% of production costs, and for poor quality control at this stage to destroy a great deal of added value.

4 Ways The Digital Technology of AccurioShine 3600 Can Benefit Your Business

Print embellishments on products – made possible by digital print – are included to make products stand out and create an unforgettable sensory experience for a potential customer. Enhanced products were identified 45% more quickly, according to a 2016 study conducted by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association. Businesses therefore should place an emphasis on commercial printing and find only the best solutions to attract target customers.

The Future of Automated IoT Factories

Industry 4.0 technology for digital transformation has traditionally required considerable investment, making it the preserve of major manufacturers. Now that’s changing, with the development of affordable technology solutions like video analytics for quality inspection. Such solutions are helping to level the playing field, allowing smaller companies to take advantage of efficiency improvements and related benefits.

Rethink Digital Transformation with Electronic Signatures

Document digitisation is a core part of any organisation’s digital transformation agenda. It’s a trend that was accelerated by the pandemic, as organisations hurried to migrate from paper-based to scanned and electronic files and documents, so that people working from home could more easily access and share information, and collaborate on documents.

Rising Demand for Label Sticker Printing In Asia

Earlier this year, Konica Minolta celebrated a major milestone with the 1,000th AccurioLabel press installation near Lyon, France. This came just two years after the installation of the 500th AccurioLabel press machine, which indicates that the market for label stickers continues to be red hot. Thanks to our customers who rely on our cutting-edge printing technology, Konica Minolta now has 33% of the market share for label printers worldwide.

Streamline High Volume Printing with AccurioPro Flux

Professional printers know that the ability to organise and manage your workflow is the key to success, when delivering high volume printing services. Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro Flux is a professional make-ready software that helps you to efficiently manage and automate your digital printing workflow.

See the Potential with AccurioJet KM-1e and AccurioShine 3600

At Konica Minolta, we believe in continuous creation of new value. Our ever-growing line-up of innovative industrial printing solutions is testament to that belief, with each addition to our printer range designed for quality, precision, ease of use, versatility and — most importantly — productivity and meaningful value.

According to Our Clients: The Best Office Printers & Beyond

Every business is different, owing to their scale of operations and the type of services they provide. That’s why Konica Minolta specialises in a range of printers catering to the needs of businesses across the board.

Improve Production Printing Versatility with AccurioPress C7100

The AccurioPress C7100 has a duty cycle of up to 1.8 million prints, and is able to handle up to 100 A4 colour pages per minute or up to 53 SRA3 colour pages per minute.