Idea and perspectives from Konica Minolta.

Importance of Colour Accuracy in Printing

Getting the colours on printed materials right is paramount for production printing, as colours are integral to branding. In fact, presenting colours consistently across all modes (packaging, promotional materials, labels, etc.) can improve brand recognition by 80%.

Published on September 7, 2021

Inkjet Printers are Revolutionising Print Management Across Industries

In our digitally advanced world, enterprises work hard to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers and create more avenues for revenue generation. Similarly, products and services in the print industry have gone through numerous advancements that can benefit businesses across industries. These include lowering the cost of printing by shortening turnaround times and expanding the possibilities of printing on different materials and surfaces with inkjet printing.

Published on September 1, 2021

Smarter Logistics Management

Smart monitoring has provided numerous avenues for improvements in the industrial sector including logistics related operations. From automated inventory checks to operational safety compliance, the advantages accrued from such technological developments grant huge benefits not just in productivity gains but also in the safety of workers, stakeholders and the related facilities.

Published on August 23, 2021

Rethink Enterprise Security with Microsoft 365

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) recently announced its new status as a Microsoft Global Managed Partner. The designation reinforces Konica Minolta’s goal of bringing greater focus to its global strategic direction via jointly developed, industry-specific solutions and services and by delivering IT cloud services and solutions for the digital workplace at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the majority of the countries it serves.

Published on August 10, 2021

Efficiency with Konica Minolta Digital Presses

For businesses that require high volume, dependable printing, Konica Minolta’s line of production printers fits the bill. Not only are they highly reliable, but they’re also versatile and deliver impressive results, which makes integrating them worth their salt.

Published on August 2, 2021

Digital Printing Technology with AccurioPress C4080

Taking productivity levels up a notch, Konica Minolta’s production printers are designed for maximum output, unrivaled quality and intuitive user experiences. One such extraordinary option is the AccurioPress C4080 Series. An all-in-one manufacturing powerhouse that reimagines versatility in digital printing, the production printer is a stellar addition to any printing company.

Published on July 26, 2021

Reopening of Workplaces

With the vaccine roll-out underway and cautious reopening plans, now is the time for organisations to start thinking about how best to return to a physical central workplace – if at all. Research from Microsoft recently found that 42% of companies plan on moving their workers from on-site to fully remote roles after COVID-19, and the remaining 58% of respondents will be looking to create a partially remote workforce after COVID-19. Based on this research, there is no scenario for an organization to require 100% of its workers to be on-site.

Published on July 22, 2021

Protect and Secure your Business with bizhub i-Series

Back in 2018, a hacker discovered 800,000 exploitable printers online and selected approximately 6% of them to print out dubious content – one of which was located within a police station. In a similar light, cybersecurity experts at CyberNews accessed close to 28,000 unsecured printers around the globe, hijacked them, and forced them into printing guides on improving print security. Although these are rare cases of ethical hacking for a good cause, they accurately demonstrate how printers are now easy prey to cybercriminals.

Published on July 14, 2021

Creating a New Dimension in Greeting Cards

Gone were the days where greetings cards were simple pieces of printed hard paper with 2D coloured images. Today, in an era where the digital has laid its mark on every industry, printing companies have evolved to provide newer dimensions of print production. Delving into the realm of texture printing, digital embellishments come as a fresh, if not, highly-sought after innovative strategy for businesses looking to stand out in a homogenous market of printed products.

Published on July 6, 2021

The Modern Connected Workplace

With the rapid advancement of technology in today’s era, new technologies tend to be introduced every single day to help organizations innovate and drive growth for their business. However, the drastic acceleration of this digital transformation seems too overwhelming to even keep up! The digital world has changed – and that means your workplace must transform, too!

Published on June 30, 2021

Smart Monitoring Keeps your Business Moving

The integration of Smart Monitoring is a must to gain a competitive edge. Learn how our IoT Smart Monitoring solutions can help your business do so.

Published on June 25, 2021

The Intelligent Connected Workplace

With hybrid working looking like the model many businesses will follow from 2021 and beyond, businesses will need to look more closely at components such as people (workers), spaces (the physical spaces they work in, which can be many) and technology (from hardware to software). But not only will it require identifying these components, it will be essential to seamlessly integrate them. By connecting them effectively, we can create the ‘Intelligent Connected Workplace.’

Published on June 24, 2021

Elevate Print Runs with Digital Embellishments

Pursue new growth opportunities and capture larger markets with industrial printers from the MGI JETvarnish series. Learn how it benefits print businesses.

Published on June 16, 2021

Efficient Smart Offices with bizhub i-Series

Konica Minolta redefines print management solutions with an innovative line of multifunction peripherals through the bizhub i-Series. Find out more.

Published on June 9, 2021

Going Digital with KOMI Doc

Transform manual processes into digital workflows with document digitisation solutions. Learn how KOMI Doc can aid your business with digital transformation.

Published on June 4, 2021