June 23, 2020

How IoT Based Imaging and Monitoring Devices Can Keep Us Safe


Amidst this pandemic period, Konica Minolta’s IoT based Monitoring solutions offer automated temperature screening for human traffic flow. The flow is clearly defined with 3 main touch points beginning with the First Level Screening. This first screening touch point captures temperature from a distance of 1-5m. At this point, the system is able to identify specific body temperatures and will be trigger an alert to the person manning the system. Subsequently, the person that was identified will go on to the third screening to verify if the subject indeed has an elevated body temperature (EBT).

The automated process will alert the person-in-charge, who is manning the temperature screening in the event any suspicious case is detected. This makes the management of temperature screening on high human traffic much more efficient. The subject that has been detected with EBT can then be further measured with a thermometer to medically confirm the presence of fever. While the imaging monitors are able to generate accurate temperature readings, the determination of fever presence will have to be verified with a secondary thermometer.


Social distancing has now been a mandatory practice in many facilities. With some establishments having massive spaces, monitoring a 1-meter social distancing effort is not easy. While most resort to limiting the number of people in the establishment, high traffic areas require more advanced monitoring to manage this.

Konica Minolta’s Imaging IoT can play a crucial role in assisting building management to ensure that the right number of occupants are on the premises. Our video analytics solution can automate visitor-count at entrances and exits through advanced video analytics algorithm.

The net number of occupants in a specific space, on certain floors, can be determined in almost real-time. The number counted through the solution can also be streamed to a central control area or alerts can be sent to the mobile device of person-in-charge to control the visitor traffic at the entrance.

Within the building premises, video analytic solution offered by Konica Minolta can also be used to control the density of occupants to give room for a safe distance of 1 meter or more. The video analytics can automatically compare the number of occupants within a specific area against a preset threshold

Video analytics can also be used to monitor if social distancing is being complied in a queue. When a queue line is not moving and the designated gaps are not complied with, a system event can be triggered to notify the person-in-charge at the site.

Konica Minolta’s Imaging IoT solution uses Mobotix IoT cameras built with EDGE computing technologies and enables a decentralized architecture system. Such architecture enables a wider availability of video recording as it is less vulnerable to a single point of failure compared to the conventional centralized IP camera system.

In addition to reliability, the EDGE computing system also processes video analytics at the terminal (within the camera itself) in a secured, embedded environment. As only analysed results are exchanged with the control centre, the system is thus less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The latest generation of IoT camera sensor comes with up to 4k resolution video format for its recordings. Such high resolution provides clarity and details of the object of interest that is needed in the event an investigation is to be conducted on the video recordings.

In addition to advanced sensors, the latest generation of Konica Minolta IoT solution is also equipped with deep-learning AI capabilities and apps tailored to serve different purposes. The modular apps are flexible, and the user can choose only those required information to produce analytic results that they want.

The A.I. IoT solution is a platform that can readily integrate with any third-party apps, allowing the solution to harness the different strengths & features to fulfil different end-users’ requirements. Konica Minolta solutions have received recognition from advanced nations including US, EU and China, for providing ready solutions to help system owners in complying to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

To find out more about the Konica Minolta’s A.I. IoT solutions,
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1 https://www.mobotix.com/en/products/thermographic-cameras

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