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Rethink Business Processes and Automation With Robotics

With the rapid development of technology in the past decade, technology has changed the way many workplaces operate. Through digital transformation, we have seen an increase in the digitalization and automation of numerous business processes in industrial applications and the undisputable involvement of technology in our daily work. Employees are also pushed to learn how to operate advanced, smart systems to drive up workplace efficiency.

Here at Konica Minolta, we are constantly looking to provide our customers with smart solutions to improve their workplace processes and productivity levels. With the rise of automation in the manufacturing and logistic sectors, you can rethink your business processes with our Industry 4.0 Autonomous Material Handling (AMH) system.

Reshaping the Workplace with AMH Systems

Our AMH suite of cyber-physical systems comprises a wide range of smart solutions, which are best for material handling for businesses in the manufacturing, warehousing and logistic industries. The AMH system includes nifty software applications, such as Fleet Manager for traffic management of service robots on factory floors, sWorkflow for interface with enterprise software and existing automation equipment like conveyor systems and sensors, and sInfra for integrating with and accessing to building infrastructures such as lifts and sliding doors.

Hardware systems at the heart of the AMH suite include the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and a wide range of options to engage with trolleys or carts with latching, towing and conveyor interface for the AMRs. To top it off, you can also gain insights on the effectiveness of the mobile robots through sConnect, a dashboard where you can view detailed analytics on the AMRs’ performance in real-time.

Increasing Efficiency with AMRs

The AMH is an end-to-end solution through the integration of robotics for your business processes, you can expect mundane and repetitive tasks to be completed effortlessly and efficiently by

The AMH is an end-to-end solution through the integration of robotics for your business processes, you can expect mundane and repetitive tasks to be completed effortlessly and efficiently by making good use of autonomous mobile robots and sWorkflow application.

The AMH system can receive daily planned inter-logistic jobs in batches from enterprise software like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS) or even directly from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The integrated sensors and other automation equipment like conveyor system, status indication (tower light) and robotic arm gel the transfer of materials, work-in-progress or finished goods with AMR systems.

Optimize Human Resource with Productive Workplace

For businesses operating within a warehouse, AMRs can increase automated capacity to forklifts and pallet jacks which are used to move palletized goods from one location to another. Once this laborious process is automated with our AMH solution, there will be less staffing and human resource related issues. Furthermore, employees who spend time completing menial tasks can also be freed up to take on revenue-generating assignments and fulfil value-added roles such as improving customer service and overseeing the AMH system.

Rethink the Future

Other than providing your business with AMRs and workflow applications, there are still many benefits that the AMH system can bring to your business. Since the AMH system integrates seamlessly with your enterprise software, automation equipment and infrastructure, you can eliminate human error that comes with manual data entry as all data will be logged automatically by the AMRs. Not only does this process increase efficiency, but it also reduces daily operational costs incurred by human errors.

When it comes to implementing improvements for business workflow, the AMH system can also help to identify potential bottlenecks and issues that might arise within your business processes. Thereafter, you will also be able to visualise improvements as the system provides you with useful and quantitative insights.

Thinking of reshaping your workplace processes for optimal productivity? Get in touch with our experts and find out how our solutions can help to streamline your workplace processes today.