Managing paper documents can be a cumbersome and challenging process as it is expensive, and documents can be easily misplaced and require huge physical storage space. On top of this, paper processes also hinder collaboration and productivity. With remote work becoming the new norm, it becomes a top priority for businesses to digitise their business processes to enable remote collaboration, documents access and sharing without compromising on security.

According to a research by Nitro, 50% of knowledge worker’s time are lost in documents preparation with 21.3% overall productivity loss caused by document issues. Almost 92% of professionals, who uses email to collaborate risk losing files and 45% companies reported that it takes a week to have a contract signed and returned.

Productivity Losses Due To Manual Document Management


Streamline your business processes with workflow and collaboration solutions

With Konica Minolta Cloud-based Document Management System,
you can unleash your digital potential; transferring your
paper-based processes into an electronic workflow to manage
your operations more efficiently in 5 key areas.

Improve Communication
  • With KOMI Doc platform, you can consolidate and share information with your ecosystem - internal business units, teams, external suppliers and/or even your customers.
  • For Corporate and branding purpose, you can also customise KOMI Doc's interface and login page with your corporate logo and colours for a professional, branded experience.
  • Keep track of your communication in the business process with discussions thread tied to documents.
Automate Process
  • Build customised Workflows in minutes using the in-built wizard to interact with your business contacts and speed up document communication and notifications.
  • Automatically assign task to a specific user or a department when a document needs to be reviewed or approved.
Search and Retrieve
  • Search, retrieve instantly any document right from your business software tool.
  • Get a real-time access to the most recent version of a document.
Control your business
  • Supervise in real time the completion of tasks, the status of every request and follow your team's progress.
  • Maintain an audit trail of all your workflow processes
Work Anywhere, Anytime
  • Access your company's information anywhere, anytime right from your mobile devices with KOMI Doc's mobile app.
  • Stay connected to the key documents and business processes and process your pending tasks while On-The-Go

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