AccurioLabel 230 – HDP 330


A digital label printing system that offers enhanced productivity, job flexibility, operability and excellent image quality at an affordable cost. A “Perfect Fit” for business expansion and allows parallel use with existing analogue presses seamlessly.


Exceptional performance

  • High productivity with print speeds of up to 23.4 m/min
  • Excellent image quality to meet the diverse needs of the market
  • Strong media compatibility, no pre-processing required
  • Outstanding operability
  • Sophisticated colour management features
  • Superb colour stability
  • Supports secondary overprinting on pre-printed media
  • Add optional modules to your system (online or offline) for laminating, varnishing, cold foiling, die cutting and slitting:
    • Laminator
    • Slitter
    • Flexo Station

Gain the Digital Advantage

Print runs are getting shorter across the market compared to the long-run, high-volume orders that were once the norm. Being able to oer competitively priced, low-volume print runs and cope with short turnaround times is essential to meeting market demands. With digital printing, you can fulfil low-volume orders efficiently and maintain profit margins for your business. Simplify workflow and add value to your services with benefits such as variable data printing (VDP), or numbering, to stand out in a market where needs are increasingly diverse.

Potential applications

  • Small-lot label printing
  • Labelling for local products
  • Label design sample printing
  • Labels for events or special occasions
  • Labels requiring variable data printing (VDP)
  • Personalised labels

A label printer well equipped to meet a diverse range of needs.

Enhanced Productivity & Flexibility

Digital print businesses are demanding shorter turnaround times and expanded applications. The AccurioLabel 230 has the solution with exceptional productivity and broad capabilities including the ability to print onto pre-printed transparent or coloured media

Fast print speed up to 23.4m/min

The highest possible speed to print onto most adhesive papers and films is 23.4 m/min. Compared to previous models, the AccurioLabel 230 has improved speed, a shorter delivery cycle and broader applications to expand business scope.

Short warm-up time

Warm-up time between jobs is minimised by keeping the fixing unit operational during the transition between jobs. This not only improves overall productivity by reducing changeover time, but also reduces paper waste.

Continuous printing up to 1,000 meters

Print large, continuous production jobs without the losses incurred by turnover times and switching paper. When printing long jobs where toner coverage is low, the AccurioLabel 230 will automatically add colour belts to both sides of the paper to supply the necessary amount of toner and keep the developer fresh. Colour belts are not necessary when toner coverage is 3.5% or higher.

Over printing capability with accurate registration

The large, 15-inch display is easy to view and operate. The angle of the panel can be freely adjusted to suit individual users and the intuitive GUI and guidance messages ensure ease of operation during setup. A USB mouse can be connected to further improve operability.

Strong media compatibility without pre-treatment

HDE digital toner and Konica Minolta’s low-temperature fixation technology make the AccurioLabel 230 compatible with a wide range of media above and beyond ordinary paper or matte options. Print onto all the gloss, adhesive and film medias that are essential for label production. Users can select the ideal medium for their designs and print labels without the need for pre-processing.

Overprinting capability with accurate alignment

The system can be equipped with an optional overprint kit to enhance compatibility. The module’s new eye mark sensor enables precise alignment, which in turn allows the device to carry out digital four-colour printing on pre-coated media.

Food Grade Toner

The toner used by the AccurioLabel 230 meets FDA standards for safety in applications with indirect contact to food, such as packaging labels.

*FDA standards are strict safety standards established by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for potential products that come into contact with food, medicines, and cosmetics

Banner printing capability

From store decorations to floor POP advertisements, the AccurioLabel 230 can print an extensive range of large formats including long posters and signboards. Combine medias to create promotional materials combining labels with other items to boost business expansion.

Excellent & Consistent Quality

As experts in realising outstanding quality for the high-end print market, Konica Minolta has developed a range of unique technologies. Colour fluctuation is minimised, ensuring stable and beautiful finishes from start to finish. High-quality images add value to printed materials, and to the services you can order.

High resolution 3,600 (equivalent) x 1,200dpi x 8bits

Combined with the reproductive capability of HDE digital toner, small characters and fine lines can be printed clearly, and colour images can be beautifully output with rich colour gradations.

S.E.A.D. V

Konica Minolta’s cutting-edge image processing technology S.E.A.D. V is based on a new generation of image processing ASICs (dedicated chips) and uses a fully automated colour adjustment function to achieve optimum print quality.

Simitri HD polymerised toner

A 3D hybrid structure composed of functional polymers thatg are highly compatible with various types of media and enables reproduction of ideal natural textures. What’s more, the toner requires only a small amount of heat to fuse, significantly reducing power consumption.

  • 3-dimensional hybrid particles
  • Blue Wool Test: The results according to ISO 105 B2 (lightfastness test)

High quality screens

Equipped with a total of 12 types of screen, 6 dot screens, 3 line screens and 3 stochastic (FM) screens, the system can be matched to applications and purpose such as proof output, photograph printing and moire suppression.

Line thinning and edge enhancement technologies

The device features precise contour processing that is able to eectively improve flaws such as blurred characters and streaks, and allows even coloured or contoured characters to be reproduced at a high-quality. Small characters on food or ingredient labels, or barcodes are made clearly visible.

Auto-refining developing system

A new carrier is supplied together with the toner to refresh the carrier in the developer, stabilising the developer and ensuring high-quality image output throughout the life cycle of the system. The developer’s longer lifespan also minimises equipment downtime.

Outstanding Operability

The ease of maintaining the AccurioLabel 230 is superior not only to flexography printers, but also to liquid-development and inkjet printers. Time-consuming tasks, such as colour adjustments, can be completed with ease on the digital printing system. Operators can perform operations by simply following on-screen instructions with little time needed for training.

Color Centro

Equipped with colour management software as standard, the AccurioLabel 230 supports colour correction, colour characteristic profile creation, and related editing and settings, making it an idea fit for the digital printing systems currently in use.

AccurioPro Hot Folder

The AccurioPro Hot Folder allows you to directly print PDF of TIFF files without starting an application. You can also pre-set job settings streamline the process of making print settings.

APPE 4.6

Capable of directly printing PDF files without using a print driver, enabling faithful reproduction of transparency. Optional UK-218 (APPE kit) required.

AccurioPro Flux Label Impose

The AccurioPro Flux Label Impose software tool provides the perfect solution for preparing label print jobs. Simple and intuitive, the software allows users to automatically impose and prepare label jobs for print while also enabling the creation of PDF data for the necessary cutting on die cutting equipment. AccurioPro Flux Label Impose works seamlessly with the AccurioLabel 230.

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