The IoT Security and monitoring solution aims to add value to businesses beyond security coverage. It helps to innovate work processes, boosts productivity with efficient resourcing, reduces downtimes and provides business intelligence.


Mobotix is suitable for various sectors



Capture vehicle license plates and customers visit premises. Highly precise event-controlled recording and the convenient display of the camera images in the web browser.


Trust and Assurance

Mobotix security standards more than meet the needs of our customers and the cameras accomplish everything we expect them to do.

Client entrust their assets on our innovation and quality of what our products executes.


Track Incidences and Unusual Occurrences

Thermal cameras to measure the thermal radiation of objects and persons. Works in complete darkness and is able to detect whether there are unauthorised persons on the premise.


Video Management System

Video camera images in control room 24/7 through simple internet browser. Multiview function allows simultaneous viewing of all transferred images as well as exact close look of each camera.



Monitor activity and enhance security in high traffic areas like entrance exit or parking.



Prevent school violence and vandalism with highly detailed video images


IP Video Door with hemispheric camera to help ensure only authorised people gain access.


Customer Oriented

Customer-friendliness comes in many forms for the retail sector: customised solutions for the individual companies and attractive products for private customers. As part of this modernisation an innovative camera surveillance concept has been introduced.


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Download Brochure