bizhub 360i/300i

High-Quality Performance, Enhanced Efficiency, and Seamless Connectivity

The i-Series houses a powerful engine, a quad-core central processing unit with standard 8 GB of memory and 256 GB SSD, which allows for quick-response, high-performance operations. With an additional combination of full-speed media printing range, high-speed single pass dual scan doc feeder as well as finishing options, digital skew correction, and large capability trays, expertly blends reliable functionality with versatile serviceability.

bizhub 360i: 36ppm
bizhub 300i: 30ppm

Recommended for:
  • Mid-to-large offices
  • High print volume with robust heavy-duty monochrome MFP
This bizhub printer is covered
by our Contactless Services Support.
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The User Interface has been completely revamped with an operation panel screen with smart-device-style operability. Operation has been simplified by narrowing down functions and screen transitions to frequently-used functions.

Large, user-friendly, 10.1-inch touch panel

The 10.1-inch panel has been newly developed from the customer’s perspective. It delivers better legibility and ease of operation for enhanced work efficiency. The multi-touch feature enables smooth, intuitive, tablet-like operation.

Make tasks simple with purpose-specific apps

The bizhub 360i series simplifies operation with on-screen animated instructions that guide users through tasks. Operations can be performed smoothly in just a few easy steps.

Adjustable tilt operation panel

The operation panel can be freely tilted to a maximum of 90 degrees to suit individual users.

Indicator Lights

The bizhub 360i series has been installed with a new LED lights that gently harmonise with the office environment. The LEDs are located on the front of the MFP. The data light indicates data receipt or accumulation, and the print light reminds users to collect documents from the output tray.

bizhub SECURE services

Data protection is a major issue for most companies. bizhub delivers advanced security settings through bizhub SECURE services, a total security setting service that provides greater protection for customer data stored in the SSD and device’s network settings.

Encrypted SSD

The bizhub 360i series adopt a new 256 GB encrypted SSD for heightened security functions. With very few device compatibility problems, and with full-time encryption, this constantly maintains a high level of security with no fuss.

Virus Scanning

The bizhub 360i series is equipped with robust antivirus software based on an embedded Bitdefender scan engine to ensure safe connection to devices including PCs, tablets, and USB flash drives. Scanning individual files means a more in-depth virus detection as compared to using whitelist method alone. Latent viruses in the office are discovered through checking and notification when files are received. Checks are also conducted when files are output from the MFP which prevents dissemination of infected files. Further periodic checking of files in the MFP helps to uncover malicious files and detects latent risks in the MFP. Real time virus scan jobs are available for print, scan and fax functions, while manual or scheduled virus scans are possible for folders such as SMB folders on the Box and SSD.
Requires i-Option LK-116.
Requires an internet environment.

Serverless printing in a ubiquitous network

The bizhub 360i series achieves serverless printing in a ubiquitous network that outputs previously sent print jobs from any desired MFP in the office network, after authentication. As a base unit for printing, it works as a print server, which enables the easy, low-cost creation of a serverless printing system for ubiquitous computing.
A print system in a ubiquitous network can be created for up to 100 units. Each MFP requires the i-Option LK-114 option.

USB Direct Print

The bizhub 360i series is equiped with a USB port, located on
the side of the operation panel. After inserting a USB flash drive, printing procedures pop up in the touch screen, and the flash drive data can be directly printed or saved to a Box in the unit in a few easy steps.
May not operate correctly depending on the type of USB flash drive. Supported file formats: PDF, compact PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, compact XPS, and OOXML (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx). Printing results may differ from the image on the PC screen. Virus check function requires i-Option LK-116.

Outstanding scan performance

Single Pass Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF), scans up to 280 images per minute. A large number of originals can be loaded at any one time, significantly reducing scanning time and effort. The precision of automatic skew correction, which adjusts the angle of the scanned original, has been greatly improved to deliver highly accurate scanning with less skew.

Double feed detection sensor

Applying ultrasonic waves to the original distinguishes a layer of air between each page and detects double feeds. When a double feed is detected, a preview of the original that has already been scanned will be displayed so that the job can be restarted without repeating the whole scanning operation from the beginning.

Digitisation of paper documents

Documents can be scanned and converted to PDF or OOXML format files. File format can be selected according to the business and intended use, which broadens the scope of secondary use.

Scan to PDF / Scan to OOXML image (with LK-110 v2 installed)

Contactless Service Support – Digital Doctor Suite

The Digital Doctor Suite provides an advanced, full coverage and proactive maintenance and remote support for Konica Minolta bizhub multi-functional product (MFP) series which improve customer daily business uptime with minimal physical contact. This service subscription is able to perform different remove services level functions, and deliver a report without any close contact interactive.

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