AccurioPRESS C3080/C3070

Enhanced Reliability . Empowered Productivity

The AccurioPress C3080 series is designed to deliver all your printing expectation. With Improved machine technology, offering higher quality print materials with greater reliability and stability. With their amazing imaging capabilities and absolutely consistent print quality, AccurioPress C3080 series mark the start to a new era of superb quality colour production. Inimitable modularity provides unmatched versatility and ensures perfect adaptability to the production environment.

C3080: 81ppm colour / black & white
C3070: 71ppm colour / black & white
Compatibility with diverse media
Delivers consistent high quality printouts


AUTOMATION – Less Human Touch & Less Human Error

Auto colour , Real-time gradation & Front-to-back registration adjustment

The Intelligent Quality Optimiser [IQ-501] enables automated colour management and front-to-back registration adjustment. High quality is maintained thanks to real-time monitoring and adjustments during printing, contributing not only to cost reduction with less waste but also to improve customer satisfaction.



Simitri HDE Toner

The Simitri HDE Toner ensures a high level of compatibility with various types of media and enables realisation of ideal natural textures. In addition, it requires only a small amount of heat for fusing, significantly reducing power consumption.

High quality screens

Equipped with a total of 12 types of screen, 6 dot screens, 3 line screens and 3 stochastic (FM) screens, the system can be matched to applications and purpose such as proof output, photograph printing and moire suppression.



Thick paper printing up to 350gsm

Capable of 350gsm thick paper printing. In addition to sample package printing, print service variations are expanded to include tags, DM, stand menus and sales promotion tools.

Envelope printing

Using an Envelope-dedicated Fusing Unit [EF-103], stable and high quality envelope printing is achieved, even when performing high speed printing. In addition, inexpensive, center-glued universal envelopes can be used thanks to less difference in glossiness on the overlapped area, contributing to a reduction of overall printing cost as well.

Enhanced banner printing length

Top-class banner printing capability up to 1,300mm and auto duplex up to 762mm, allowing efficient print work for the production of A4/letter size tri-fold menus, pamphlets and catalogues.

Large capacity paper feeding & stacking

Connecting a 3-tray Paper Feed Unit [PF-707m]*1 in tandem in addition to the main unit tray with a paper-feeding capacity of 1,500 sheets realises a maximum paper-feeding capacity of 15,390 sheets. An efficient print work is realised even in a high-volume printing by reducing the time and effort for paper replenishment. In addition, connecting two units of Large Capacity Stacker [LS-506]*1 in series allows stacking a large volume stack as much as 10,000 sheets. Finished documents can be taken out with the cart as they are for ease of transport to the next process.


A diverse inline finisher lineup for added value

Accomplish more with a range of inline finishing options that efficiently meet the needs of diverse output formats and differentiate companies form the competition.

Finisher [FS-532]

The stapling finisher with staple cutter is capable of stapling up to 100*1 sheets. Three sub-options can be mounted to expand the system to enable saddle-stitching, post-insertion and punching, making it possible to perform multiple operations in a small space.

Perfect Binder [PB-503]

Perfectly binds up to 600 pages or up to 30mm thick. Cardstock up to 216 gsm can be used for the cover to realise high-quality bookbinding through advanced paper alignment. In addition, use of Multi-Folding Unit [FD-503] enables insertion of Z fold sheets while perfect binding is in process. This enables flexible bookbinding work owing to the ability to insert A3 size drawing sheets in booklets such as reports and manuals.

Saddle-Stitcher [SD-506]

Capable of saddle-stitch bookbinding of up to 200 pages (80gsm) and furnished as standard with an fore-edge trimming function, multi centre folding and multi tri-folding functions.

Finisher [FS-531/FS-612]

The FS-531 is capable of side stitching of a maximum of 50 sheets (80gsm), in addition to a side-stitching function, FS-612 is furnished with a saddle-stitching function and 2 types of folding functions for a maximum paper size of SRA3. If necessary, the system can be expanded to include functions for tasks such as punching and cover sheet insertion.


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