AccurioPRESS C6100/C6085

Designed To Boost Productivity

The AccurioPRESS C6100/C6085 is designed to deliver all your printing expectation. With improved machine technology, offering higher quality print materials with greater reliability and stability.

C6100: 100ppm colour / black & white
C6085: 85ppm colour / black & white
Compatibility with diverse media
Delivers consistent high quality printouts


AUTOMATION – Higher Productivity, Less Manual Adjustment

Auto colour and front-to-back adjustment before printing

Automation of density adjustment, colour management and front-to-back registration reduces time previously spent making adjustments. Since tasks such as manual measurements and input of numerical values are no longer necessary, there are fewer measurement and input errors. Colour profiles can also be created automatically to achieve highly accurate colour matching in less time. Greater output and shorter turnaround.

User benefits

  • Less manual adjustment and better productivity
  • Less paper waste from colour and registration errors
  • Less time, effort and skill required by key operators


One-step auto adjustment

Common settings such as maximum density, density balance and gamma adjustment are automatically adjusted in a single step to save time and raise accuracy.

Real-time gradation and front-to-back registration adjustment

Gradation and front-to-back registration are continuously monitored and corrected in real time with no loss in productivity. This feature improves image quality by minimising colour fluctuations, registration misalignment and other errors during printing. It also lowers costs by reducing paper waste.

Accurate colour and registration adjustments are performed in a single pass that includes automatic printing, scanning and analysis of front-to-back registration marks and gradient bars.

Compatible with real-time gradation & front-to-back registration adjustment


High-Quality and Consistent Image Output

Solid image quality and character reproduction

Konica Minolta’s unique Screen-Enhancing Active Digital system combines highly accurate exposure controls, precision pixel placement and advanced screening to achieve high quality and resolution. It also allows flexible processing and image smoothing control to match varying needs

Simitri HDE Toner

This next-generation Simitri HDE toner with 3-dimensional polymer structure is highly compatible with wide range of media, expands the colour gamut for superior image accuracy and produces more natural skin tones. It also requires less heat for fusing, which helps reduce power consumption.

  • Improved colour reproducibility and fade resistance. Enhanced half tone and skin tone quality thanks to improved granularit
  • Produces an effect that improves image quality and reduces energy use. Also allows high-speed processing.

FLEXIBILITY: Diverse Output Expands Possibilities

Thick paper compatiblity broadens service range

Printing is possible on 400gsm thick paper even during automatic duplexing — with solid stability and no loss of productivity. This capability expands the range of potential applications to include thick-paper tags, stand-up menus, sales promotion tools and more.

Compatible with envelope, banner and thick paper printing (optional)

A fusing unit dedicated to envelope printing ensures stable, high-quality printing on general-purpose envelopes with minimal folding creases or differences in adhesive strip gloss. Printing of banners up to 1,300mm long, with auto duplexing of banners up to 762mm long, is also top-of-class. The mounted LU-202XLm enables continuous paper feeding of up to 1,000 sheets (up to 762mm) and optional accessories can be added to improve embossed paper printing quality.

USABILITY: Streamlined Operation Improves The Workflow

Job control/editing with the main body panel

Management of jobs including job ticketing and pagination is intuitive on the user-friendly screen. Tone curves can be adjusted in a similar manner to that of Colour Centro and a USB mouse can be connected for PC-like operation.

Colour Centro (Colour Management Utility)

Colour Centro includes Exact Colour colour management software that enables high-precision 3D colour calibration superior to that of conventional 1D calibration. Editing can be performed and settings can be made for colour verification, G7 calibration, ICC profile creation, etc. without using a PC.

High-precision spectral densitometer

Konica Minolta’s high-precision spectral densitometer FD-5BT*1 can be used to perform tasks such as ICC profile creation and calibration. It can also be used as a standalone densitometer with a display in the CTP room. Auto scan spectral densitometer FD-9*1, a higher end product, can also be used with the C6100 Series.

Standard APPE 4.2 (State-of-the-art printing reproduction function)

APPE 4.2 (Adobe PDF Print Engine 4.2) bypasses the printer driver to directly process PDF files for appropriate reproduction of transparency.

Job Centro 2.0

Job management from PCs is simplified by an outstanding interface with elements such as indicators and thumbnails that enhance operating ease and efficiency.


JDF Compatibility

Thanks to compatibility with JDF, a standard format for the display and transfer of jobs between printing processes, the operator can use familiar CTP workflow RIPs such as APOGEE, EQUIOS and Prinergy*1 for a hybrid workflow with a seamlessly connected offset printer. Digital printing thus becomes an offset printing option that enables more flexible handling.

*1: “APOGEE” is a product of Agfa-Gevaert N.V. “EQUIOS” is a product of SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. “Prinergy” is a product of Eastman Kodak Company.

HIGH PRODUCTIVITY: Streamlined Operation Improves The Workflow

High-speed 100ppm output

Whether printing paper of 52 or 400gsm thickness, the large-diameter upper fusing system and Simitri HDE toner synergise to output 100 sheets per minute*1. The large contact area of the fusing belt, optimised for rapid and uniform thermal conduction, contributes to outstanding toner fusion and high productivity.

*1: For A4 horizontal on C6100 (85 sheets per minute on C6085)

Large-volume paper feed and output system

The system can be expanded to feed a maximum 13,890 sheets and output a maximum 10,000 sheets using 9 varieties of paper. Paper replenishment and removal, for both paper feeding and output, are possible during printing to simplify large-volume processing tasks.

High-speed duplex scanner PF-711

The high-speed duplex scanner is ideal for law offices, educational establishments and others that need to scan and store large volumes of documents as data. It reads 75 colour or 80 monochrome pages per minute*1 with high reliability thanks to a built-in high-speed double-feed detector.

*1: A4, 300dpi (duplex scanning of 150 colour pages or 160 monochrome pages)

Enhanced paper menu and search functions

Default settings are provided for every type of paper and additional settings can be registered to meet every need. Simple settings and user-friendly search functions contribute to easy setup and high productivity.

INLINE FINISHING: Professional finishing options

T-shapesaddle stitcher SD-513

This unit provides all the refined saddle-stitching capabilities of an offset printing bookbinder when combined with Square Corner Forming unit FD-504, creaser unit CR-101 and trimmer unit TU-503.

Multi-folding unit FD-503

The FD-503 is a multi-function multi-folding unit capable of double-parallel folding, gate folding, centre folding, tri-folding and other tasks. It can quickly handle diverse jobs such as DM production. The unit is also furnished with 2 and 3-hole punching functions and a sheet-insert function. When combined with the PB-503, it can insert Z-folded pages in perfect bound books.

Staple finisher FS-532

The staple finisher is capable of stapling up to 100 sheets*1 and cutting the excess length from staple legs. With the saddle-stitcher option mounted, tasks such as multi tri-folding and centre folding can be performed in addition to saddle stitching. High paper alignment and a revised paper-feed path ensure a neat finish even for large numbers of stitched sheets. The unit can also be expanded with a punch and post inserter*2.

*1: Stapling for up to 50 sheets of A3 paper.
*2: Mount kit MK-732 required for installation. Note: Some combinations of options are not compatible.

Saddle Stitcher SD-506

This saddle stitcher can create booklets of up to 50 sheets/200 pages (80gsm). A set-on-saddle mechanism allows stiff, accurate folding that decreases sheet misalignment during binding. Double-parallel and tri-fold functions, as well as a fore-edge cutting function that provides a neat finish, are standard equipped for efficient post-processing.

Large Capacity stacker LS-506

Up to two stacker units that accommodate 5,000 sheets each can be installed side-by-side for a total 10,000-sheet capacity. Finished documents can be removed via cart for easy transport to the next process. A sample ejection function allows quality checks during high-volume printing.

Perfect binder PB-503

This unit provides a top-of-class perfect binding finish for up to 300 sheets/600 pages of 80gsm thickness up to a total binding thickness of 30mm. Paper up to 216gsm thick can be used for the cover and both printing and gluing can be performed inline. Sophisticated sheet alignment technology realises a neat finish even without three-edge trimming. Completed bound books are stacked automatically on a provided stacking cart.

High-capacity output tray OT-510

The capacity of this low-cost output tray has been increased from 500 sheets to 4,200 sheets. It’s a highly cost-effective initial investment for users with standalone post-processing equipment.

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