AccurioPRESS 6136/6120

Built To Maximise Productivity

AccurioPress 6136/6120 is our latest advanced technology designed for high performance in an ultrafast turnaround time.


AccurioPRESS 6136: 136ppm
AccurioPRESS 6120: 120ppm
1200 dpi resolution output
Min 40gsm thin sheet | Max 350 gsm thick sheet


High Productivity

High-speed 136ppm printing output

Doesn’t matter the paper thickness, AccurioPress 6136 can produce print jobs at a speed of up to 136ppm for A4 size and 78ppm for A3 size. The maximum impression is up to 2,000,000 imp per month.

Volume meets Versatility

The system is able to feed a maximum of 18,000 sheets and an output maximum of 15,000 sheets. There is an auto-tray switch function to keep the operations going to simplify large-volume processing tasks.

High-speed dual colour scanner

Scan job can deliver at a high speed of maximum 240 opm at 300dpi duplex for both colour and black & white documents. This also applies to data archival.
• A standard system for AcurrioPress 6136 and 6120

Mid-print toner change

Capable of handling toner change without interrupting the printing process, thus eliminating downtime and increase work efficiency.


Media Flexibility And Inline Finishing

Supports paper stock of 40gsm to 35o gsm thick

The new AcurioPress 6136 can now support thin 40g/m2 paper printing in large volume which facilitates printing of comic books, in-flight magazine, wrapping paper and more. Printing is also possible on up to 350g/m2 thick paper prints which is extremely useful for producing book cover, gift box and more can be achieved.


Inline Finishing

T-shape saddle stitcher SD-513

This unit provides all the refined saddle-stitching capabilities of an offset printing bookbinder when combined with Square Corner Forming unit FD-504, creaser unit CR-101 and trimmer unit TU-503.


Multi-folding unit FD-503

The FD-503 is a multi-function multi-folding unit capable of double-parallel folding, gate folding, centre folding, tri-folding and other tasks. It can quickly handle diverse jobs such as DM production. The unit is also furnished with 2 and 3-hole punching functions and a sheet-insert function. When combined with the PB-503, it can insert Z-folded pages in perfect bound books.

Staple finisher FS-532

The staple finisher is capable of stapling up to 100 sheets*1 and cutting the excess length from staple legs. With the saddle-stitcher option mounted, tasks such as multi tri-folding and centre folding can be performed in addition to saddle stitching. High paper alignment and a revised paper-feed path ensure a neat finish even for large numbers of stitched sheets. The unit can also be expanded with a punch and post inserter*2.

*1: Stapling for up to 50 sheets of A3 paper.
*2: Mount kit MK-732 required for installation. Note: Some combinations of options are not compatible.

Large Capacity stacker LS-506

Up to two stacker units that accommodate 5,000 sheets each can be installed side-by-side for a total 10,000-sheet capacity. Finished documents can be removed via cart for easy transport to the next process. A sample ejection function allows quality checks during high-volume printing.

Saddle Stitcher SD-506

This saddle stitcher can create booklets of up to 50 sheets/200 pages (80gsm). A set-on-saddle mechanism allows stiff, accurate folding that decreases sheet misalignment during binding. Double-parallel and tri-fold functions, as well as a fore-edge cutting function that provides a neat finish, are standard equipped for efficient post-processing.


Perfect binder PB-503

This unit provides a top-of-class perfect binding finish for up to 300 sheets/600 pages of 80gsm thickness up to a total binding thickness of 30mm. Paper up to 216gsm thick can be used for the cover and both printing and gluing can be performed inline. Sophisticated sheet alignment technology realises a neat finish even without three-edge trimming. Completed bound books are stacked automatically on a provided stacking cart.


High-capacity output tray OT-510

The capacity of this low-cost output tray has been increased from 500 sheets to 4,200 sheets. It’s a highly cost-effective initial investment for users with standalone post-processing equipment.


Efficient Workflow

Job control/editing with the main body panel

Job tickets and pagination can be managed with a user-friendly screen. Flexible job management allows complex and fine-scaled output operations become more efficient.


Easy-to-use Interface

AccurioPro Print Manager is equivalent to the Job Centro with an outstanding interface. Elements such as indicator and thumbnail display help to ease the operation procedure and enhance its efficiency.


Job Management Solution

AccurioPro Conductor providing comprehensive centralised management of multiple printers and enables operator to automate a wide range of daily tasks to maximise productivity, Automated function detects and prints monochrome pages which added contribution to its productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Automatic Quality Optimising

Intelligent Quality Optimiser (IQ-501)

The Intelligent Quality Optimiser IQ-501 monitors and automatically adjusts tone and density, and front-to-back registration during printing. It produces consistent high quality materials and requires less manual adjustments.

Auto density and front-and-back adjustment

Automation of density adjustment, colour management and front-to-back registration reduces time previously spent. There are fewer measurement and input errors since manual measurements and input of numerical values are no longer necessary. Colour profiles can also be created automatically to achieve colour consistency and quality prints in less time.


Real-time gradation and front-and-back adjustment

Gradation and front-to-back registration are continuously monitored and corrected in real time with no loss in productivity. This feature improves image quality by reducing colour fluctuations, registration misalignment and other errors during printing. Hence, output errors and wastage of papers and toner have been reduced substantially.


Safety and Environment Standards

Enhancing Product Safety Standards

Compatible with the latest safety standard IEC 62368 -1, Konica Minolta has met the independent product safety standards and passed all the stringent checks as required and according to the legal standards.

Energy Saving Technology

AccurioPress 6136 is awarded for the Ver.3.0 ENERGY STAR Program, for its effort to promote energy-efficient products.

Simitry HD Polymerised Toner

Our Polymerised Toner Technology, known for its high image quality output, low energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission, has been endorsed to be a more environmental friendly product as compared to pulverised toner.


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