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Looking for a solution you can depend on to maximise your return on investment with minimal cost? AccurioPro Flux is the answer! Available in three unique flavors. AccurioPro Flux is a powerful software solution that aims to effectively management output by providing a central point of control, professional workflow automation and convinient web-to-print


Prepress. Automation.
Collaboration. Web‑to‑print.

Print efficiently with AccurioPro Flux. The flexible solution for your print shop.


AccurioPro Flux is Konica Minolta’s software solution for powerful make-ready, professional print workflow automation, convenient collaboration and effective output management. Its three modules Essential, Premium and Ultimate provide a central point of control, workflow automation and web-toprint. Offering essential functionality to minimise costs and maximise return on investment, AccurioPro Flux can be of interest to you as a print service provider or manager of a CRD or in-house print shop of a public organisation, university or corporation.


AccurioPro Flux comprises 3 modules that can be purchased as such, or upgraded as needed with growing requirements:

AccurioPro Flux Essential

The basic AccurioPro Flux Essential software tool targets the prepress situation where you are bound to appreciate its timesaving properties if you grapple with ever-shorter deadlines and increasing cost pressure. With Essential, don’t concern yourself with in-depth operator training, as the software is easy to use and has a minimal learning curve. Misprints are avoided and costs reduced thanks to the easy checking of job files for their printability. And AccurioPro Flux Essential provides the one, central point of control even for a fleet of output devices, ensuring optimal job distribution as well as fastest order completion.

AccurioPro Flux Premium

This is the answer for printing companies requiring automation and the flexible collaboration of a team of operators. If you head a print environment where several operators process a high number of short- and longer-run print jobs and possibly have to work on the same job list; where job processing requires frequent manual intervention and customers keep enquiring about the status of their print order, Premium offers you numerous advantages for the above issues and can help you streamline your overall print production. In short, this module controls and automates many processes in the print room: It handles the communication with customers and facilitates the coordination of the workload in the print room. Avoiding errors and providing print-ready files, it eases the transfer of jobs to print. It also enables the integration with other applications, e.g. MIS, accounting solutions, etc. and provides convenient flexible access letting operators work from anywhere

AccurioPro FluxUltimate

Are you planning to set up the job-ticket based online submission of print jobs around the clock? This sophisticated web-to-print application helps print service providers, in-house print shops, public authorities, and the educational sector to do just that. Among others, the module provides approval workflows for print jobs that apply efficient control mechanisms before sending files to print; automatically converts files to a print-ready format; and even includes the possibility to also offer non-print items from stock to customers – an attractive opportunity to generate an additional income. Personalised printing is also possible, covering e.g. business cards, individually addressed flyers, and such. And you can even customise online print shops for specific user groups offering different customers their “own” individual web-to-print shop.


AccurioPro Flux Essential

As a print provider or CRD manager, take advantage of AccurioPro Flux Essential’s efficient templates feature: You only need to set up templates once and will make great time savings on repetitive prepress work forever after. You can choose from a wide range of intelligent print functions to administrate all incoming jobs. And thanks to its powerful make-ready functionality, AccurioPro Flux Essential also facilitates professional job editing. Late job editing enhances the flexibility of your print room, while impositioning simplifies and speeds up time-consuming tasks such as arranging several pages on a single sheet. Essential includes:


AccurioPro Flux Essential provides a predefined set of imposition schemes (such as booklet, gang-up, etc.) to automate the error-prone task of arranging several pages on a single sheet. The functionality also allows creating individual paper formats and signatures to produce bespoke print products such as customised brochures.

Create new ‘products’

Saving operating steps and time, you can store individual combinations of print settings that are frequently used as ‘products’. As soon as you import a document and choose such a ‘product’, the correct print settings are automatically applied to the job, which arrives instantly and print-ready. You can also link a hot folder to each ‘product’ and share the folder in your intranet. Users can simply put their documents into the folder for printing, and files will be uploaded with the print settings automatically applied.

Make-ready on the fly

While Essential offers the possibility to save often used print settings as products for reuse, you can also set up jobs easily on the fly. With just a few clicks you can select imposition, media and finishing, run a preflight and immediately send the job to the printer. You can even use the included layout optimization function to fill the sheet in the best possible way. The real-time preview helps you to check if the settings are correct.

Job editing

A convenient job editor lets you easily adjust paper size and weight; change jobs from colour to black & white and vice versa; change the finishing mode; add or delete tab sheets, slip sheets or empty pages, and much more. Advanced editing is also possible via external applications (e.g. Adobe Acrobat). The built-in real-time preview allows instant switching between three different previews (page preview, sheet preview and list view) – however, modifications can be made regardless of the selected view.

Add VDP content from a CSV file

Operators can automatically create personalised print products, such as flyers, tickets, postcards, mailings, etc., with unique text content, barcodes and QR codes. The operator simply adds a CSV file with the variable data sets to the print job and inserts the VDP content via placeholders.

Printer clusters

With AccurioPro Flux Essential, you’ll find it easy to optimise the capacity utilisation of your production equipment. Simply organise your output devices in printer clusters. This facilitates distributing print jobs evenly across all machines of a cluster, even taking the devices’ varying printing speeds into account. Splitting pages between colour and b/w printers based on their colour status is also possible. The color split function will ensure that all pages are still collated in the correct order.

Job management

The main program window gives a comprehensive overview listing all active print jobs. Beyond this, you can easily create custom filters for special tasks so that only those jobs are displayed that interest you at that moment. For instance, create a filter to only see the jobs that have been assigned to a particular printer.

Repeat range programming

You will see how very easy it is to prepare large incoming VDP jobs for printing– such as serial letters – simply by adjusting the settings for one set (i.e. the first letter) and then applying these settings to all remaining letters with a single click.

Integrate 3rd-party devices

AccurioPro Flux Essential is optimised for output on the Konica Minolta production presses. Nevertheless, printing devices from other manufacturers can also be connected. This gives you convenient central control of all output devices in your print room, quite independent of their brand.

AccurioPro Flux Essential options

Flux Raster Editor

This advanced editor allows editing documents on image/raster basis. It enables typical image editing operations (e.g. despeckle, deskew, brush, erase, line, fill) for single and multiple pages.

Flux Document Converter > Operator option

Enables the operator to import native MS Office file formats without prior conversion manually, via hot folders or when editing print jobs in the job editor.

Flux Preflight Pro

Provides the power of callas pdfToolbox. Detects and fixes PDF problems and avoids production errors. Fully integrated in AccurioPro Flux.

Flux Multi Seat

Up to 3 operators can work as a team and even collaborate on the same job; one license per seat.

Flux Label Impose

This option provides an automated label workflow for the Konica Minolta label printers. Flux Label Impose gives users a simple and intuitive interface to impose and prepare label jobs for printing and also supports the creation of PDF files as basis for the corresponding cutting tools on the die cutting equipment.


AccurioPro Flux Premium

With its job-ticket based print workflow, AccurioPro Flux Premium is your tool to offer easy and convenient ordering of print products via the company intranet. Users can send their print jobs directly from the source application to the print room; operators can rely on a wide range of intelligent print functions to administrate incoming jobs. Premium facilitates the automatic setup of devices as well as inline finishing and lets you configure and manage products automatically. In addition to the complete Essential functionality, Premium includes other attractive features like these:

Convenient collaboration

Several operators can work simultaneously and even collaborate on the same job; all operators can see who is working on which job. Three user seats are included in AccurioPro Flux Premium; and if your print environment needs more, you can purchase additional Flux Multi Seat licenses.

Automated job assignment 

Rule-based job assignment allows creating rules to assign jobs automatically to specific operators. Individual rules can be created for different products helping to automate workflows further and reduce the number of operation steps.

Job submission via client or shared virtual printers

Users can send print files directly from the source application via the intranet using a dedicated client; they don’t need to convert their work to PDF format. Alternatively, print jobs can be submitted via ticketless virtual printers that are shared in the intranet. Either way, print files are automatically converted to PDF, imposed and arrive print-ready in your print room.

Automatic status tracking

Don’t spend valuable time anymore on writing emails to confirm the status of print jobs to their originators. With Premium, users will receive emails automatically updating them on the status of each of their print job.

Data analysis & custom reports

For up-to-date, graphic overviews displayed on the dashboard, use the included report assistant to have print data analysed and create custom reports. Different chart types are available to choose from; based on all stored data, reports can be created and changed quickly and flexibly.

Work from anywhere 

For maximum user convenience, check, preview and edit jobs either on a dedicated workstation, by using your browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device, or directly on the machine panel. You can check, preview and edit all jobs that have been assigned to this particular device. Start printing or forward the job to another device.

AccurioPro Flux Premium options

Flux Accounting Connector

Integrates external accounting solutions into the print workflow. Connects AccurioPro Flux Premium to the accounting applications Pcounter (Control System), SafeQ (Ysoft) or PaperCut.

Flux Multi Seat

One Flux Multi Seat license per additional operator is required to enable simultaneous work on the central job list (3 seats included; max. 15).

Flux PitStop Connector

Connects the external application PitStop Server (Enfocus) to fix PDF problems and avoid production errors.

Flux XML Connector

Integrates 3rd party applications with AccurioPro Flux, e.g. external Web-to-Print solutions.

Flux Document Converter – Customer option

Allows you to accept native Office file formats from your customers when they submit print jobs via the Flux Printer web app (available in Premium and Ultimate) or the web shop (available in Ultimate).


AccurioPro Flux Ultimate is the most extensive product version of the AccurioPro Flux Suite and extends the make-ready and workflow management capabilities with comprehensive web-to-print functionality. Combining online job submission, online payment and online status tracking in one professional web-to-print application, AccurioPro Flux Ultimate is the perfecttool for any print provider of web printing services running an own server environment. Beyond AccurioPro Flux Premium, these additional features are included:

Online ordering with preview

Whether as a commercial printer or running an in-house print room, offer your customers comfortable 24/7 online ordering of print products. For maximum convenience, users can easily upload and preview their jobs before actually ordering prints. They can choose from catalogues of print-ready documents that can even include non-print articles. Jobs can be sent directly from the source application, with no conversion necessary. Print files are automatically checked for missing fonts, images with insufficient resolution, and transparencies; are then imposed, and arrive print-ready in your print shop.

Approval workflow

This is simple and straightforward to set up: You can give certain users the right to approve orders internally according to a specific policy before submitting jobs to your print shop. Approvals can be related to costs or products or may be set as default.

Pricing & online payment

Take advantage of an extensive pricing flexibility: price scales facilitate offering quantity discounts; it is possible to set different VAT rates as required; and you can also offer your customers online payment via the payment service provider Ingenico. For internal cost allocation, simply define a corresponding account field.

Online status tracking

Your customers can check the job status online anytime in the web shop and you can additionally send automatic email updates on the status of their print jobs.

Forms for personalised printing

Offer your customers the convenience of ordering personalised print products, such as business cards, online. You simply provide editable text fields and place holders for the upload of logos or images in the web shop; your customers will find filling in the required details simple and straightforward.

User groups

Define user groups and customise your services to them: Offer different user groups an individual selection of products, catalogues, prices, and delivery options. Create an order workflow and add an approval workflow, if needed.

Easy IT integration

Connect your online shop to your Active Directory server via LDAP for access to one or more existing user databases. Authentication via single sign-on is quick, convenient and reliable.

AccurioPro Flux Ultimate options

Flux Multi Shop

Enables print providers to create dedicated web shops with individual user interfaces, products and price lists for different user groups.

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