Scrubber 50 Pro


An AI-powered floor cleaning robot that goes beyond the scope of“automation”. Deep-learning algorithms are integrated within a sensor fusion of 2D LiDAR, 3D and RGB cameras, which grant the robot high-accuracy environmental perception and the ability to make advanced operation decisions according to the real-time situation.


Simplify Your Work Process

  • Remote-control mobile app
  • Smart obstacle avoidance and rerouting
  • One-stop service workstation

Scrubber 50 Pro will make cleaning much easier with little need for human interference. It perceives environmental changes, updates the map and reroutes itself in real time — you don’t need to stand by to save it from getting lost or stuck. With the optional workstation, the robot can perform automatic power charging and water refill by itself. It also offers remote access via Gausium mobile app that enables you to monitor and control your cleaning task from anywhere.

Sustainable Development

  • Energy saving
  • Build-in Water-saving filtration system
  • Durable LFP batteries of 2,000-cycle

Scrubber 50 Pro is made of enduring, easy-to-recycle materials. It adopts LFP batteries with a long lifespan of 2,000 cycles. Equipped with a water recycling filtration system, Scrubber 50 Pro reduces around 80% freshwater usage. The Auto Spot Cleaning mode also ensures the most efficient operation path to curtail water and energy consumption.

Smart and Flexible

  • Superb Productivity
  • Groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning

Scrubber 50 Pro offers the most diversified path planning modes to deliver the highest degree of flexibility in cleaning plan customization. Its groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning mode allows it to detect and remove the stains right off before they’re spread all over the floor, and brings up to 4-time efficiency improvement by cleaning only when necessary. It will also send messages to operators when encountering wastes that are too large for it to clean.

Applicable Scenarios

iECOBOT Scrubber 50 Pro is ideal for cleaning highly dynamic indoor environments, including Shopping malls, SME supermarkets, Manufacturing plants, Logistics warehouses, etc.

Applicable Flooring Type

The Scrubber 50 series are designed for different types of hard, water resistant flooring, including Natural Stone, PVC & Vinyl flooring, Ceramic tiles, Epoxy, Concrete, etc.