Scrubber 75P

Heavy-duty Cleaning with Best-in-class Sensing

A classic flagship product of Gausium, the “first-born child” of the cleaning robot family. The robot is equipped with 20+ sensors all around the machine body that guarantees superb environmental perception and smart obstacle avoidance. With a 750mm scrubbing width and a 75L clean water tank, the robot is an ideal choice for large-area cleaning missions. Agility is not compromised by its size — Scrubber 75 features superior maneuverability with an innovative front-mounted brush head, an ergonomic steering wheel and stand-on pedal.


Smart and Reliable

  • Simultaneous Scrubbing, Sweeping & Dust Mopping
  • Up to 3,000 m2/h cleaning efficiency
  • 270° rotational scrub deck

With its strong brush pressure and a cleaning efficiency up to 3,000 m2/h, Scrubber 75 is an ideal choice for large-area, heavy-duty cleaning. Simultaneous scrubbing, sweeping and dust mopping is achievable with roller brushes, and makes Scrubber 75 a competent cleaner for industrial sites where trash and debris are common on the floor. Its 270° rotational scrub deck enables cleaning tight corners and ensures maximal cleaning coverage.

Advanced Sensing and Lighting

  • Oil Stain Cleaning
  • Millimeter-wave radars
  • Advanced Light Configuration

Scrubber 75 P is customized for car park cleaning. It adopts automotive-level sensor and lighting configurations to work smartly and safely in the dynamic environment of parking lots where a large volume of vehicles go in and out. The robot also has an oil cleaning mode to deal with the stubborn oil stains that are common on the floors of the parking lots.

Cleaning Made Effortless

  • Remote control mobile app
  • Smart obstacle avoidance and rerouting
  • One-Stop Service Workstation

Scrubber 75 will make cleaning work much easier with little need for human interference. It perceives environmental changes, updates the map and reroutes itself in real time — you don’t need to stand by to save it from getting lost or stuck. With the optional workstation, the robot can perform power charging and water refill by itself. It also offers remote access via Gausium mobile app that enables you to monitor and control your cleaning task from anywhere.

Applicable Scenarios

Scrubber 75 is ideal for large indoor and outdoor environments, including Airports, Stations, Shopping malls, Supermarkets, Manufacturing plants, Logistics warehouses, Squares, Sport halls, etc.

Applicable Flooring Type

Scrubber 75 is designed for different types of hard, water resistant floors, including Natural Stone, Ceramic tiles, Epoxy, Concrete, PVC & Vinyl Flooring, PU, etc.