Digital Manufacturing

Supporting the efficiency and precision for the Industry 4.0

Manufacturing is one of the core sectors responsible for economic growth and the wellbeing of the entire population, and employs more than 80 million people across the market economy driven countries (OECD).The adoption of new technologies that are tuned to support production processes is demonstrating a great impact on the digitisation of workplaces and consequently increasing the revenues within the market of smart and connected products.

The mission of Konica Minolta is to provide data-centric decision support and manufacturing processes by developing plug-and-play, connected, and intelligent solons.

Orchestrated technologies will have a strong impact on core manufacturing challenges related to supply chain, facility and asset management, and also for workers’ safety and their wellbeing.

What we provide are 3 revolutionary products that can work coherently to help your manufacturing process. Click on the images below to learn more about them.

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