M-Karte Mold Asset Management

Mold Asset Application specialises in mold / inspection / equipment / document management. It collects various information in the cloud, and contributes to the improvement of QDC throughout the supply chain through visualisation and sharing.

For resin molding manufacturers, a lot of unnecessary time is spent dealing with defects occurring on a daily basis. Upon analysis of the causes of defects, we have identified the key problems into the pie chart on the bottom. Mold Asset Management solutions reduce defects of up to 65% to solve these problems!

M-Karte offers a modular approach to increase flexibility when it comes to selecting functions. This enables the user to eliminate unnecessary costs and only pay for what you need.


Heavy reliance on data collection by paper
Mold Maintenance is on ad-hoc basis and causes unplanned production halts


Digitize data collection from multiple touchpoints
Speed up troubleshooting of molds by having data-based analysis

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