Print is ubiquitous in all organisations be it big or small. To effectively manage and control your print environment and automate time-consuming tasks, a right-sized solution can help reduce dependency on IT service and support, improve print governance and document security and boost user’s productivity.

Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Suite is an integrated platform offering cost reporting and advanced scanning by integrating two powerful applications: the new Dispatcher Paragon for print management and our award-winning Dispatcher Phoenix for document workflow. The innovative solution combined with Konica Minolta multifunction printers help to improve organisation productivity and increase business efficiencies.

Dispatcher Paragon is an attractive solution for the effective management of the entire print environment. It secures the print fleet, provides detailed output & cost reporting. The solution offers print policies per user or user group in order to reduce costs and to keep track on who is printing what on which device. A complete Payment System to charge print costs back to the user as well as mobile printing

Dispatcher Phoenix lets users automate complex workflows at the press of a button, streamlining the process of collecting, processing, and routing files. This award-winning solution provides an effective way to simplify document processing tasks, index documents for future retrieval, and store files in document management systems and cloud applications.

Whether it’s freeing up staff from having to do redundant manual work, reducing costs for outsourcing, or boosting productivity by document indexing and routing, we have the right solution for you.


Konica Minolta helps you overcome the challenges of today’s fast-moving competitive environment. Dispatcher Suite, our new integrated solution can be applied across all businesses and organisations:

Here are some examples of how Dispatcher Suite can enable companies to effectively manage and reduce their print services costs, enhance efficiency by implementing digital workflows, and increase their document security:


Printing Cost and Departmental Activity Visibility

Challenges Benefits
  • High printing costs
  • Difficulty to track printing jobs
  • Unable to trace high printing cost department
  • Track and generate reports based on defined rules, so that you know your current costs and print behaviour.
  • Manage costs better with Print Governance.
  • Print jobs can be released via unique user authentication which allows users the option of deleting unwanted print jobs and securely print their documents and ensure document security.
  • Increased dynamic control over document security and printing with user friendly interface.


Efficiency and Productivity

Challenges Benefits
  • Tedious printing procedures
  • Unfriendly printing user experience
  • Not able to print from remote and mobile locations
  • Print seamlessly on any devices regardless of location with Konica Minolta’s secure Print Roaming.
  • Mobile workers can enjoy secure mobile printing via web or email to the MFPs.
  • Users can also scan and upload their digital documents to SharePoint and DropBox. These documents are also able to retrieve it through our MFP.


Document Security

Challenges Benefits
  • Printer is not secured with password
  • I handle highly sensitive documents and need to prevent information leaks
  • Prevent unauthorised access to your confidential documents during printing and scanning.
  • User can release print securely with authentication via RFID, PIN, password or username.
  • Print jobs can also be scanned and routed to pre-defined destination securely.

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