Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Paragon is a complete solution with comprehensive print management tools that deliver smart, secure print solutions. Providing controls, consolidate and standardize your printing operations. Employees can print securely anytime, anywhere and at any printer.


  1. Streamlining processes to boost employee efficiency
  2. Documents are easily captured and correctly distributed
  3. Prevents unauthorised access of confidential documents
  4. Lowers printing and running costs



Print Authentication:

Assign access rights and workflows to ensure secure access to devices to manage sensitive documents.

Rule-Based Engine:

Based on a set of rules that define conditions and resulting actions. The rules applies to all incoming print jobs accordingly.

Print Roaming:

To print securely from any printer in the print environment with only one print driver. Scalable from one office to multiple offices globally.

Mobile Print:

Productivity increases as it enhances the flexibility of the printing process, enabling users to release print jobs securely with their mobile devices at anytime.


Analyses usage and costs for the entire organisation, department or individual users, making it easier to manage and oversee the company’s printing needs.

Credit and Billing:

Allocates and tracks costs and manages pay-for-print accounts automatically.


Download Brochure

Download Brochure