Managing Information At Your Fingertips

With today’s ever-changing work environment, we are constantly on the go and might have limited access to important information, causing our productivity to slow. With business conditions in constant change, companies from small businesses to big enterprises continuously explore for integrated document solutions best suited to their specific and diverse business needs. To help companies deal with their changes, Konica Minolta is introducing the new Konica Minolta BizSmart System that integrates the functionalities of bizhub’s series of high quality Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) with the flexible capabilities of Konica Minolta’s Document Management Solutions and professional consultancy.

Konica Minolta BizSmart System helps companies optimise ofice and document workflows efficiently and manage information from capturing and archiving to output and distribution within your workflows, thus providing opportunities for business operations to perform more efficiently and transparently.


Information at your Fingertips – Improve the way you store, manage and share company information with an organised electronic filing system that is able to retrieve your information easily for better decision making process.
Work From Anywhere – With our web-based document management solutions, you can stay productive on the go with easy remote access that allows you to obtain all the information you need no matter where you are.
Reduce Office Storage Space – As business get bigger, storing and managing information in the office becomesa bigger challenge. Now you can free up precious office space by converting all physical files into electronic documentation so that you can maximise your office capacity.
Document Security – Be in control over who gets to access important folders and decide how users view, alter and contribute to sensitive files or documents to keep unauthorised personnel away.
Better Backup & Disaster Recovery – Run your business with a peace of mind by securely storing and backing up your data in a digital archive that protects your important information against unpredictable disasters like flood or fire.
Document Profiling – Profiling allows users to quickly sort large volumes of data to find the right document. With an indexed archive, you can simply conduct a keyword search to pull up documents and information in seconds. You can also receive a preview to ensure you have the right file even before you

Ease Up Your Work Efficiently With BizSmart

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