Enterprise Resource Planning

Konica Minolta Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a full cloud web-based solution, built with latest data driven innovation technology to meet all clients’ requirements in a single solution platform. It is customizable to fit all business needs and operations, integrating all facets of operations from sales and marketing, product planning, development and manufacturing.


Key Features

Customizable and tailored to client’s requirements.

The ability to design the system to fit into any client’s business system platform.

Capability of integration into current system structure.

Seamless integration and coexist with client’s current system without changing the whole system or infrastructure.

Over 1,000 functional sub modules for customization.

Possible design and enhancement of each solution modules to fit the company and organization needs.

Live data analytics.

User will be able to analyst and generate reports with the built-in business analytic reporting tools ready.

Fast and easy deployment.

Quick and stable implementation from start to finish into the client’s system.

Reduction in cost and maintenance

Maintenance cost and investment will also be reduce with the quick responsive remote support via cloud platform.

Workable on any platform at anywhere and any time.

You may access your account from any devices from anywhere at any time.


Business Challenges

  • Disparate, stand-alone software systems for each business unit – Disintegrated, incomplete and inaccurate business information. Drain employee productivity to aggregrate and analyze data from each business unit from multiple locations.
  • Outdated & manual processes – Manual data entry and cross-referencing of data/information is time consuming and error-prone.
  • Business-decision dilemmas – Unable to analyse & evaluate business efficacy in timely manner to support efficient business-decision making.
  • Desk-bound business operations – Unable to access business information while on-the-go.


Solutions We Provide

  • One window solution – Consolidated business data/information across departments for effective business planning & proactive decision making. Easing employees workload and improving productivity.
  • Streamlined operation – Simplifying processes and automating tasks such as generate quotations, sales orders, invoices, leads follow up. It is time saving, minimizing errors and optimizing employees efficiency.
  • Performance analytics – The reporting capabilities enable management to dig deep into the metrics of business performance. It gives comprehensive overview of the business helping management to forecast and plan for continued growth of the business.
  • Remote access – Cloud & web-based solution enables employee to retrieve all the resources they need from anywhere on any connected device, giving them greater working freedom and flexibility.



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