Enterprise Resources Planning (SME)

Konica Minolta Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions made for SME’s digital milestones. It is a full cloud-based, integrated ERP software. In every Function, be it Human Resource Management or Customer Relationship Management, we cater to businesses of all sizes.

Simple. Flexible. Integrated. Compliant. Cloud Business Management Software

A fully integrated business management software helps organizations accelerate business growth by streamlining operations, allowing organizations to increase productivity, improve cash flow, connect from anywhere, and respond quickly to their business needs.

Whether your operations are local or country-wide, with suppliers or customers overseas, or you need to accommodate the requirements of a multinational group, we have a solution designed to meet your business requirements.

Combining scalability and functionality, our solutions cover everything from sales to customer service, project planning to execution, procurement to payment, ordering to manufacturing, and employee recruitment to retirement.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Managing finances in a cost-effective and a timely manner is often a difficult task to accomplish. Deskera ERP simplifies this complicated process. The software offers comprehensive and proven financial functionalities that integrate the entire Purchase, Inventory, Sales and Billing, Product Management, Vendor Management, Manufacturing and Financial Reporting procedures.

Deskera ERP offers the following features

  • A streamlined Purchase Management function that allows you to create, manage and maintain all purchase-related information, such as Purchase Order details, Goods Receipts, Payment Notifications, Tax deductions, etc.
  • Vendor and customer information database for instant access to details such as Contact Information, Shipping Address, Payment Terms, etc.
  • Automate and streamline the flow from orders to payments.
  • A centralized repository to capture all items in the inventory, across different stores and warehouses.
  • Easy Cycle Count configuration for all items in the inventory list. Monitor movement of each item and send alerts to inventory managers, in case of a shortfall or a missing cycle count.
  • Single integrated view of all enterprise accounts through interactive Chart of Accounts. Configure account settings and generate auto-numbering via the Account Preferences module.
  • Smart Financial Reporting system for comprehensive up-to-date reports of P&L statements, Balance Sheets, Income and Expenditure details.
  • End of day checklist for maintaining detailed information related to Sales, Cycle Counts, Incoming Transfers and Auto Shipments, processed on a particular business day.
  • Make on-time and accurate tax submissions. Identify risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes.



Human Resource Management

Deskera Human Resource Management system takes care of your most important asset – your employees. An efficient management of human resource is essential for organizational growth and expansion. Created by HR professionals, Deskera HRMS is an intuitive employee management application that streamlines management of HR functions and responsibilities.

Deskera HRMS offers the following features

  • Ensure a smooth recruitment process with Deskera HRMS. Identify job vacancies, arrange interviews and manage joining formalities of selected candidates – all from a single, integrated software.
  • Efficiently track and observe daily work hours of all employees.
  • Configure the Enterprise Payroll System for timely and accurate payroll processing.
  • Maintain a centralized database to capture employee information. Update designations, view history, upload documents, terminate employees, and re-hire ex-employees via the same tool.
  • Configure leave policies, leave accrual rules and claim policies. Leave and claim applications submitted by employees are automatically routed to their respective managers for approval.
  • Schedule training programs, define budget, and arrange employee-training sessions via Deskera’s effective and structured training model.
  • Generate reports with interactive graphs and charts. Set mobile and email notifications.
  • View detailed Leave Reports for all employees, which includes total leaves entitled, earned leaves, leaves availed and leave balance.



Customer Relationship Management

Acquiring new customers, building long term relationships and retaining existing customers are some of the requisites of a successful business. Deskera CRM helps you to identify prospects, acquire customers, build loyalty and deliver an exceptional customer experience—all done seamlessly from a centralized system. Effort put in by the sales team is safeguarded via Deskera CRM ensuring high customer retention figures.

Deskera CRM offers the following features

  • Maintain a central database for all information related to leads and opportunities such as objective, status, type, etc.
  • Efficiently manage Email Marketing Campaigns with configurable email templates and user-defined target lists.
  • Access and manage relevant leads and opportunities via the lead management module. Record and track all related information and activities for presenting a precise sales pitch.
  • Get a complete picture of every sales account, with detailed customer information such as contacts, communication history, activity history, shared documents, notes, etc.
  • Capture customer feedback and provide real-time customer support.
  • Record Activities and manage Tasks for prospects within expected timeframes to increase sales numbers.
  • Configure multiple online email accounts and be connected to everyone in your network.
  • Access intuitive Sales Reports, Lead Conversion ratios and business graphs, for understanding and analyzing customer preferences and demand patterns.





The combination of PTC’s services, their client-oriented nature and the easy adoption of the latest technological trends are the factors which have made the company prominent and has earned it the reputation of a pioneer in the IT industry since their launch in 1991. However, the lack of an Accounting and a Human Resource Management system led to lengthy calculation processes. The management of PTC started evaluating tools that could help them organize their day-to-day business processes and this is when Deskera came on-board. Deskera experts evaluated their business processes in detail and provided solutions that stood up to the challenge. The Deskera team observed that the use of a legacy ERP system was time consuming and taking up more resource time to perform operations. Many of HR processes were being managed manually including payroll processes which cost the company additional man hours and expenses. Employee goals and performance indicators were difficult to map and record which often led to employee concerns. Claim information was recorded manually, data for leaves and claims was collated and then the information was manually fed into the system. Overall, the PTC management was not able to get a comprehensive overview of their accounting and HR processes.

Deskera Solutions

Following detailed and extensive study, Deskera experts came up with a solution to all the challenges faced by PTC. Deskera proposed Deskera ERP, HRMS, eLeave and eClaims to the PTC management to address their challenges of purchase, payroll, leave, claim, sales and billing management. Deskera ERP replaced PTC’s legacy accounting system to carry out all financial transactions smoothly. The entire process of tracking and recording of financial transactions from invoices and receipts, to orders and payments, was automated. Deskera ERP streamlined and automated the entire procure to pay process by setting up a robust approval workflow. It enabled hassle-free maintenance of separate accounts for customers, vendors and employees with a single point of access. Deskera offered automation of complicated and time consuming financial tasks. Deskera HRMS was found to be the perfect fit for addressing and automating the complete spectrum of PTC’s enterprise payroll requirements. Deskera HRMS automated payroll generation, IRAS calculation and GIRO processing. Deskera HRMS helped to make e-Submissions easier with the option to add multiple CPF Accounts. For claim and leave concerns, Deskera eClaims and Deskera eLeave were implemented respectively. Deskera eClaims automated claim management processes and reduced effort for manual claims processing, whereas Deskera eLeave ensured that an integrated and automated leave management process was set into place. Leaves and claims could now be easily encashed.


There was observable improvement in PTC System’s internal affairs after the implementation of Deskera products. Increased work accountability and well-run internal communication was countersigned. A considerable advantage was the improved data accuracy and reduced manual errors. Deskera implemented customizable and flexible accounts processes that easily adapted to PTC business requirements. After Deskera implementation, an overall increase of 29% in productivity was attained by PTC Systems.



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