Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape

As more businesses and companies turn to digital solutions and adopt digital transformation in their processes, they are also opening doors to threats and security vulnerability on the world wide web. Such threats include hackers, malware, ransomware and data phishing. These cybersecurity threats can potentially cause irreparable damages.

Types of Potential Economic Losses



Financial Losses
Loss of Productivity, Fines, Remediation Costs,etc


Opportunity Cost
Loss of Reputation,Bad word of mouth


Impact to Ecosystem
Decrease in consumer and enterprise spending


The RM53.2 billion in damages is a collective number in value to businesses. It may be a direct loss of productivity, or maybe indirect by a bad reputation. It may also be an induced damage where a bigger ecosystem’s equilibrium is affected.


Discover How Isolation Cloud Cybersecurity Solution Can Protect You From These Threats

Our technology is the proprietary Isolation Cloud Cybersecurity Solution powered by Menlo Security.

  • Internet Isolation is the technology that separates an enterprise network from the public web, while still allowing users to access the Internet seamlessly.
  • The solution moves the viewing of Email Attachments and Web Browsing from the user’s device to the cloud.
  • By isolating Internet Content in the cloud, users are protected from malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks that bypass legacy defenses, thereby eliminating the most prolific sources of breaches.

Menlo Security’s Internet Isolation opens links from your clicks in an Isolated Browser in our Global Cloud making sure nothing from the website reaches you. Our really awesome technology ensures that you won’t notice this at all. This lets you surf the web exactly like before, but without any of the risk.

There are 3 solutions to secure your company’s online activities.

Protect against online threats from the world wide web and achieve 100% protection against malware.

Eliminate the risk of malicious or infected attachments by safely viewing the content in the cloud within having to open the original file on the end-point.

Stop credential phishing, drive-by installers, exploit kits, and other attacks delivered by email link.


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