Document Security System


DOCUMENT SECURITY is now a major concern in most organisations. There is now a serious need to ensure that company facilities like Multi-Function Printers are utilised in the best possible manner. With our powerful DSS solution, this is now easy to do and you can have peace of mind that your company is protected from such leaks!

All activities on your KM MFP’s can now be Tracked and Logged. Every action to Print, Copy, Scan and Fax is logged by Username, Date, Time and a copy of the document is also kept in a secure and powerful logging system. The image of the file is also kept and it is OCR’ed so that the company can also search the content of all the documents in a fast and easy manner.

Thus, you can zoom into individual users, groups, date, time and be able to track and trace what was done during that time. Ability to search for the info via WHO (who did the act), WHERE (which MFP was used), WHEN (date and time it happened), WHICH (actual document image) and HOW (fax, print, copy, scan).

Key Features


You can set your own customized alert keyword and choose the regularity of the notification being sent to you.


Consists of User Reports and Alert Reports. Each report contains details of process performed by staff in the organization on the MFP’s. This is useful to have an overview of the activities in the system.


Alert keyword can be added by both administrator and user and anytime a file with the keyword is processed, a notification will be sent to the emails provided.


Additional Features

  • Every department HOD can configure their own alerts.
  • Dashboard report is available for quick data analysis.
  • Multiple Alert types – Instant, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  • Purging of data – can be automated or manual.



  • Save documents automatically.
  • Powerful and easy to search for Who, What, Where and When.
  • Search content of the files to narrow down on keywords fast.
  • Deterrent effect as employees are more cautious on their actions.
  • Find out which machines are heavily utilised and adjust the usage.
  • Track users on their copying and printing activities.
  • Easy to use DSS software for tracking.
  • Fully web based and comes with options to add more users.

Download Brochure

Download Brochure