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The Future of Work: Top Remote Working Trends For 2022


The Future of Work: Top Remote Working Trends For 2022

The world of work was forever changed after the global pandemic hit. Organisations and across the globe turned to work-from-home arrangements as viable alternatives to continue operating and keep employees safe. But even as countries begin to ease restrictions and businesses gradually reopen offices, it seems like remote working is here to stay. One question remains — What will the future of remote working look like in 2022? Here are a few emerging workplace trends to look out for in the year to come.


Hybrid Work Arrangements As The Norm

Gartner estimates that 31% of all workers worldwide will operate on a mix of hybrid and fully remote arrangements in 2022. Many leading companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and more have fully transitioned to a hybrid way of working — blazing the trail for others to follow suit.

There is a rising demand for flexibility in both workplaces and working hours, and hybrid models of splitting time between the office and home will almost certainly become the new normal in our post-pandemic world. As such, organisations that effectively embrace this future work trend and set their hybrid/remote workforce up for success stand to gain a competitive advantage.


Leveraging Technology For Business Productivity

Digital transformation and digitalisation have been buzzwords surrounding Industry 4.0 for years. However, the shift towards remote working has significantly accelerated the pace at which companies embrace innovative technologies. By eliminating tedious processes and streamlining operations, technology enables businesses to enhance their efficiency and capabilities, thus creating new opportunities for growth.

In addition, experts predict that in 2022 and beyond, organisations will become more fluid, with flatter, non-hierarchical structures and more project-based working. This calls for a more permanent adoption of advanced collaborative tools beyond the basics of video conferencing and online collaboration software.

KOMI Doc, Konica Minolta’s cloud-based document management platform, is one such solution that makes it easier than ever to access documents and collaborate across remote teams.


Cyber Security Becomes A Priority

With great power comes great responsibility — in this case, the revolutionary benefits that technology brings come with their fair share of risks. According to the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, 2020 saw a rise in cyber attacks as threat actors exploited the increased use of technologies to carry out devastating data breaches and cybercrimes. Targeting of remote workforces, in particular, was cited as a growing trend due to new and poorly configured remote networks and IT ecosystems.

It is therefore crucial for companies, regardless of size, to proactively make cyber security governance and management a top business priority. Cyber security services such as Konica Minolta’s End-to-End Security Solutions can help companies protect themselves against cyber threats and identify, respond to and recover from security risks effectively. By combining both IT and physical security, our integrated portfolio of security services delivers multiple levels of defence, allowing companies to operate with the assurance that their hybrid work environments remain secured.


Reinvent the Workplace of the Future With Konica Minolta

Get ahead of remote working trends and take your organisation to new heights in 2022 with our cutting-edge solutions. From robust cyber security services to all-in-one cloud platforms and smart monitoring, Konica Minolta strives to support companies in transforming their operations and processes and reimagining the future workplace for the better.

Reach out to our specialists to learn more about our business solutions today.