The Perks of Digital Transformation for SMEs

The Perks of Digital Transformation for SMEs


Why is global competitiveness driving Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) towards digital transformation?

The answer is simple. Digital transformation is not just a buzz word, it’s a complete change of operational mind-set that focuses on streamlining efficiency by incorporating new technology and processes into daily tasks.


Seventy-one percent cite the workforce as either very or extremely important in supporting their digital transformation strategy.”


Connectivity and Convenience

The concept of Industry 4.0 is the total digital transformation of business. While traditional SMEs still rely on a printer, a photocopier, possibly a scanner and a fax machine in the office, for example, Industry 4.0 looks for total consolidation of all these types of machinery into a single device that is wirelessly connected to the internet.

Modern devices such as the Bizhub i-Series by Konica Minolta are one of the SME friendly digital transformation devices. Imagine all the modern connectivity of having an all in one printer, photocopier, scanner and fax machine that can connect with Wi-Fi in your office. This allows you to print, scan, fax or photocopy without even leaving your desk or print documents from your e-mail or WhatsApp directly from your smartphone.


56% of CEOs said digital improvements have led to revenue growth.”


At the end of the day, it’s all about what affects the bottom line. The push for digital transformation makes sense because, in the end, it will ultimately lead to better revenue growth in the long run.


Protection and Persistence

There’s another compelling reason as to why digital transformation is necessary for SMEs.


“As much as 60 percent of hacked small and medium-sized businesses go out of business after six months.”


Imagine having to halt operations because a hacker or virus succeeded in holding your business ransom by locking you away from critical company data and operations software?

Proper digital transformation will ensure that cybersecurity of an SME can be maintained through properly updated anti-virus. Back-up storage of critical business information and data will help SME’s recover from an unexpected disaster. Once again, for SMEs who do not have a capable IT department to ensure a proper digital transformation, a capable IT outsource service will easily do the trick.

For many SMEs, the business should not just be about growth, but about sustaining current operations. Digital transformation allows for SMEs to protect their vital operations and protect against future malicious cyber threats that lurk in unsuspecting e-mails.


Why Digital Transformation Is Critical

The image shows a list of critical cybercrimes that are affecting multiple businesses. Adamant SME owners who think they might not need digital transformation open themselves up to a whole list of cyber threats that will most likely critically affect their business.

This is why digital transformation is critical as it offers you protection from operational disruption and the ability to maintain company productivity in the office. Can you afford the cost of disruption to your business?

As mentioned earlier, survivability in business is all about taking sustainable steps towards growth, protection, and revenue. Minimizing unexpected risks is definitely something every SME owner has to consider at the end of the day.

If you’re looking for a simple Digital Transformation Solution that’s almost certain to meet all your office needs, perhaps consider the Digital Transformation (DX) package from Konica Minolta. Aside from the intuitive and easy to use multifunctional office device, the package ensures that all your IT needs are met. By providing an outsourced IT service, anti-virus software along with their multifunctional office device, they’ve covered all the essential needs that every SME business owner needs in their business.


Now that you know a viable solution is readily available, the only question is how long are you willing to risk being unprepared for the worst?



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