Why Suffer IT Problems When You Have Servo?

“In 2018 alone, Malaysian businesses might have suffered a total of RM50.9 billion annually due to cybersecurity incidents.”

The study conducted by Frost & Sullivan concluded that the potential economic loss is growing and is already equal to 4% of the nation’s GDP. This begs the questions, does your business have adequate protection from malicious cyber threats that are capable of crippling or killing off your business with just a single attack?


How Servo Can Save Your Business 

First of all, what is Servo?


Servo is an outsource IT support service from Konica Minolta that is designed to give businesses the optimum IT support and cyber protection they require. Think of Servo as your IT insurance, providing critical support when you need it and general maintenance when you don’t.

With Servo supporting your business, you will get regular backups of your critical business operations data. The service also covers maintaining an up to date anti-virus software, updating drivers and patches for your operating systems and diagnosing and fixing any IT problems and issues you might face in the office.

Now imagine a series of malware or viruses infecting your entire network, resulting in the ransom of your critical business operations data. What would you give to have a Servo back-up as an insurance policy against your entire business operations shutting down, perhaps permanently?


“The average cost of a ransomware attack on has INCREASED by over 184% from RM 52,910 to RM151,546.”


This does not take into account the productivity loss, potential loss of data upon decryption, lost revenue and vulnerability to a second attack after the first one.


Can your business really afford not to have IT support?


Making Business Sense with Servo

Here’s what you ‘re going to get with Servo.


Less Downtime, Less Problems

As a professional IT support service, they offer hassle-free IT support that allows them to attend to your problems remotely, over the phone or on-site, nationwide. Lowering precious productivity downtime and solving your IT problems quicker.


Less Operating Costs, More Growth

With Servo, who needs an entire IT department when you can get your IT support as and when you need it. This significantly lowers operating costs and allows you to focus more funds on your core business.


More Dedication, More Scalability

When you sign up with Servo, you get to enjoy the same level of IT support just like big corporations. Every SME gets their own dedicated IT support team of trained IT specialists and experts. This also means that we are able to meet your demands should your company continue to grow in personnel, ensuring a better optimized and efficient business for your company.


Peace of Mind

For an annual subscription, you can choose the right amount of support in the form of tokens that your business needs. Giving you the flexibility of scaling your support needs when your business grows. With Konica Minolta’s Servo, you are getting the professional IT support from one of the biggest names in IT. Giving you and your business a much-needed peace of mind and assurance that any IT problems would be resolved quickly, professionally and reliably.


Total Business Coverage

Up to here, you’ve read how the threat of malware, viruses and downtime can severely hamper your business. You’ve read about how Servo IT support is can literally save your business. Similar to the above, you’ve just learned that Servo is a no-frills annual subscription that scales with your needs and is provided by Konica Minolta, giving professional reliable support as and when you need it.

There isn’t a better professional IT support service in the market than Servo by Konica Minolta. With such a trusted company backing such a reliable IT support service, it’s just another business service that you can count on to ensure your business continues to grow undisrupted and protected from the cyber threats plaguing the business world today.

With such great benefits and business saving measures, can you see how Servo is vital for your business?


For more information on Servo, please visit: https://konicaminolta.com.my/home/servo/



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